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We have been Red Robin customers ever since they opened up the location in Chesapeake, Va near the Greenbrier Mall on Eden Way North. Well service is pretty good, until a few weeks ago. Well the General Manager Lynnette made sure her customers were happy and taken care of the way customers should be taken care of. Well about a week ago we went to the Red Robin on 1024 Eden Way North, Chesapeake, Va 23320, [protected] and we ordered some sandwiches which are not cheap at Red Robin. Well my grilled chicken sandwich came out all bloody and everything. I didn't realize this not until I had picked up my sandwich and took off the bottom part of the paper holding sandwich together, and there was drippings of blood in the basket. I could not find our server, so I grabbed another server I showed him the bloody chicken that was not cooked correctly. He appolgized, no manager ever came to the table, and he had another grilled chicken sandwich made. Well when it was brought out another server brought it out. The second sandwich was cooked. Red Robin has a problem and they tend not to cook food all the way. When we get our sandwiches they are not hot, normally luke warm to cold. Well this past friday night on 02/18/2011 we went back to Red Robin to eat again after a long day out. Well again the sandwich was cold instead of bloodly like the week before. All the sandwiches were cold. So we asked them to be made again but they need to be hot sandwiches. Well one of the sandwiches instead it being dipped and coated with their buzz sauce, the kitchen manager Nicki got mad and she drenched the chicken in the buzz sauce. The bun was completely destroyed. The sandwich fell apart. We asked about the A/C because it was really cold in the resturant, and maybe that's one reason why the sandwiches are cooling too fast. Well the person who brought out the sandwich the second time did not know anything about the A/C and why the food or the resturant was so cold. This person didn't know anything at all. Well this person never came back to see how anything was or if the food was any better. So we asked a different person what the A/C was set on because it was too cold in there. Well her name was Lizzie, but her name tag was Lizzie McGuire. We explained to her that the so called manager who brought out the sandwich didn't know anything. Well about 5 minutes later Nicki the kitchen Manager comes out to our table and starts yelling at my guest saying that "I AM NOT STUPID". I strongly advised Nicki that it was not her that said anything about anyone being stupid. This kitchen Manager Nicki kept going off on us. We did not know exactly who she was at first, but I can tell you one thing I will not have anyone go off on me or anyone else that I know like that. I advised Nicki that she needed to leave at once. Well we did ask for the GM or Manager on duty. Well this cocky young girl who was apparently the new GM gave us an attitude. All she said was sorry, theres nothing that she is going to do for us. Her name is Tiffany, the New General Manager. We asked what happened to Lynnette, the other General Manager. She stated to us that she was FIRED and no longer with the company. There were apparently too many complaints against her. I advised her that Lynnette was a good person, she was fair and she knows how to treat her customers. Tiffany stated that Lynnette was FIRED about 3 weeks ago, and she took over at that time. We explained to her that we noticed that the service has went down hill since the change of management. Tiffany refused to do anything about what Nicki the Kitchen Manager did or said to us. Our waiter tried to do anything for us and she even talked to Tiffany the New General Manager but Tiffany said I am not doing anything for them. Well if it was not for customers like ourselves and every other customer out there, Tiffany or Nicki would not have a job there. Because of Tiffany and Nicki I will not got back there ever again. Red Robin has LOST my business and everyone else's business.
The Red Robin information is as follows:
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
1024 Eden Way North
Chesapeake, VA 23320
New General Manager: Tiffany
Old General Manager: Lynnette
Kitchen Manager: Nicki
Company Spy: Lizzie aka Lizzie McGuire

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  • Mo
      Feb 20, 2011

    Seriously, a restuarant full of people and you expect them to adjust the AC for you? Ever heard of a sweater?

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  • Sf
      Mar 24, 2011

    I am very sorry to hear about the OLD GM.. I used to work for Red Robin and Loved her like a mom because she cared for her employees as much as her customers. My family and I will not be returning to the Red Robin on Eden Way as well.. Another customer Lost!

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  • Li
      May 25, 2011


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  • No
      Aug 11, 2012

    We went to this Red Robin in Greenbrier and the staff was so RUDE its not even funny. We had a party of 20 and apparently Tiffany the GM told us there was no room fir our party. I can tell you one thing if you were white there be plenty of room but since we were BLACK we were told there was no room for our type of people. So if you are BLACK don't go to this RED ROBIN in GREENBRIER. Better yet if you don't want to get sick don't go to this RED ROBIN period. There are too many people talking about how they all got sick from this RED ROBIN in Greenbrier by the Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, VA. I see that the manager is a 20 something year old punk that just got out of school and she does not know how to run a business. They need better management and not allow people to treat either race white or blacks like crape. If it were not for us customers this store would be out of business. So we took our party of 20 to a different Restaurant and will not give this Red Robin in Greenbrier anymore business. This was our first and our LAST TIME ever going to a racist establishment. My grandmother and I heard the employees talking bad about several customers on how they complain on how the food is served and that they hate all the big partys because they don't get tipped very well. Well too bad so sad!!

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