Red Robin / high price for less then stellar food

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Last Saturday me and the girls had a "Girls Night Out" and went shopping.

We decided on getting burgers and fries and came upon Red Robin. This was all of our first times eating at this particular chain and decided to try it.

The decor is nice, albeit the atmosphere is very loud. Not a big deal since we are all mom's and are used to an insane amount of noise.

Our order was simple, one Mushroom Swiss Burger, one Guacamole Bacon Burger, one California Chicken Burger, and a Crispy Chicken Burger.

We also ordered two freckled lemonades and two Dr. Peppers.

It took 20 minutes to bring out our drinks, the lemonade I ordered was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. Yet the strawberries were bitter. I asked for a water.

When our food came 10 minutes later they gave us the wrong order. The table next to us got our food and we got theirs. After an argument with both the server and manager we finally got them to admit their error and waited another 30 minutes to give us new food.

We finally got our food and we were completely unimpressed. The burgers, while good, were certainly not worth $10.00 (US) we paid for them.

The toppings were plentiful, albeit too much in my friends Guacamole Bacon Burger. So much so that it actually took away the taste of the actual burger. I'm all for toppings on a burger, but not so much that I can't taste the meat.

The steak fries were just O. K. They were hot and crispy but lacked any kind of flavor. Even with salt the fries were still just bland. None of us wound up eating them.

My California Chicken Burger (no mayo) was good, again, not worth the $10.00 (US) I paid for it, but it was better than something you can purchase at a drive-thru.

All in all this restaurant wasn't worth it and we left disappointed with both the food and service.

The prices are way too high for what they are offering and certainly not worth it. You are and will be better off going to Culver's or even Burger King.

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  • Li
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    I won't eat at Red Robin after reading that they have some of the most fattening food compared to other chains. Princi, you're right that ya'll should have gone to Culvers. The food there is always really good.

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  • Nu
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    Thanks for all the feedback. Much obliged.

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  • Pa
      28th of Feb, 2011

    I also had a bad experience at my local Red Robin. Found a hair my steak fries. It took over 10 minutes for the manager to come to our table, She wanted to know if I had the hair. I pushed that portion of my fries away in disgust when I found it. Did I have to come up with it as proof? A friend found a hair on their steak fries on another visit. Don't they use hairnets? Also, the bun was so stale it fell apart when I picked it up. The manager only made up faulty exuses and said the bun was fresh. They also brought out the wrong food to our table.Manager did nothing to make us want to come back here. The cook had long dread locks and an unkempt beard, no wonder there was hair in the food, grosss! The food was way overly priced for what you get. $16 for a burger, fries and a kids meal. The almost $10 burger meal I got didn't even come with a drink. Would of been better off going to burger king. I am done with this place!

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  • Tb
      15th of Aug, 2018
    Red Robin International - The food the service
    San Antonio
    United States

    I have never had such bad service and food I arrived it took my Waiter 20 min to come out it was not busy the food once it came out my wings and chips we're burnt my wife's fries were cold I am a loyal customer an I feel that the saff needs to be talked to so that future customers won't have this problem

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  • Ke
      1st of Sep, 2018
    Red Robin International - Abbotsford manager tyler
    British Columbia

    He's a pervert checks out all young girls and is very creapy and stairs down ant men to come into the restaurant. And when he cooks in back he yells slams things and is very unprofessional as a manager you should be embarrassed to even have him as staff not to mension a role model employee.

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