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On June first a friend and I went to Red Lobster Restaurant for lunch around 2:30PM. We were greeted poorly by a messy dressed hostess who had a very sad and put upon attitude. As she seated us, we decided to sit at the bar. The service was terrible. When we complained to the manager nothing was accomplished. Just the manager and the waitress/barmaid whispering to each other. The potato was uncooked and hard. The food itself was sparse for the price $22.95, the coke was flat, and the manager did nothing to help our situation. We would never go there again or advise anyone else to go there either.


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      Dec 22, 2009

    Well first of all I eat out alot and frankly I have seen restaurants bend over backwards for guests. The guest who complains are the ones who are looking for something free and who has no idea how to act in a restaurant. For instance I went to a restaurant and I was sitting next to a family of 7 with 3 kids and they annoyingly made the server run back and forth for stupid little things like she was a servant. Grow up people and stop robbing businesses. You obviously can't cook and clean and that is why you go out and dirty someone else's place and then complain when your own kids behave unmannerly and have no respect for other diners. You want other people to roll out the red carpet for you like you are special and you wouldn't last 5 mins in a fine dining restaurant because all those who complain are unmannerly.

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