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Pahokee, Florida, United States

I was on the phone with T-Mobile for over 30 minutes to locate my account #. I gave them an old telephone # I had over 5 years ago. My credit score went down to a 570 in the last 3 month's. Rpm left them a message.
They said they would help me. They never did all they said is go into a T-Mobile Store and get a records for a no-contract phone for 1 year.
I went into a T-Mobile Store in Palm Beach. Told them I had a collection for over $3700.00 and they said only way to do that is If I surrender my phone. That was seriously unprofessional.
Now I have to wait to build up my credit or even get a credit card in August 2020. I'm on a fixed income and disability. All they said is we can't help you. Why no clue. I have to take legal action now.

Oct 27, 2018

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