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The new changes are absolutely horrible! After a full week none of the bugs have been fixed, and site still does not work! The man function is completely broken, every time you lose your original search, and it can be fixed only by restarting the page. Customers no longer can search only active listings, now they need to look through every listing! It takes a lot of time! All useful filters are gone! But there is no information about all these changes on their site, they could at least let the customers know they are upgrading the website. I hope they will fix all problems soon. I sent many messages to them and called their call center. Even sent them print screens explaining the probes, but they do nothing with it! This site is ridiculous!

Dec 21, 2015
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  • Da
      Feb 19, 2016

    I also think it has no value as to searches now and had just renewed my contract with them for Enhanced Listings in mid Nov 2015 and only renewed because it allowed me to put additional pictures and was told nothing about the coming changes and the fact that you can no longer search by # of photo's and when I complained was told I was stuck in the New Contract for another 10 months.
    I will be litigating this as not only did I not get what I had been paying for for the last 10 years, but it is also not consumer friendly and when I used it to see what my Seller's & Buyer's would see I had all the same problems as above complaint making this site useless to Realtor's and Consumer's a like.

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