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I signed up with on March 18th 2017 to get leads. when I called Anthony (my sales rep) I specifically asked about their contracts, how long do I have to be in contract with them. I was worried about not liking the service and not being able to cancel. He told me "there is no contracts, you can cancel at any time" so I agreed to it. I NEVER received a welcome email with the terms of this deal, an email with tools to help me work my leads or any information regarding my sales rep such as how to contact him. a few weeks went by and someone from customer service called me and left a message, I called back and asked why haven't I get any leads, well they had the wrong email address, so I thought it was fixed then I got a lead or two (which weren't any good) then I got another phone call from them again. they still had my all email address.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Clara, CAAnyways I'm not getting the results THEY PROMISED so I call today trying to cancel and all I got was transferred twice to two completely random people and I was even tried to say that I was lying about the email address being wrong because he had nothing on his file about that, He said I was on a contract for 12 months (which I don't have any record of nor did I signed a contract) his name is Christian and he said to me "do whatever you want WE ARE NOT CANCELLING THE SERVICE and that I signed to get leads not closings" WHAT THE HELL???? How am I supposed to get money, from leads if I don't go to closing with them????
I am not happy with the service, I'm not getting what I was promised I would and as of today I consider my contract cancel.
I'm submitting a complain with the and I will cancel my withdrawals from

May 15, 2017
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  • Ea
      Sep 10, 2017

    What was the outcome of your cancellation?

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  • Fr
      Sep 21, 2017

    I'm dealing with the same issue. I cancelled within 3 days via their policy and still couldn't get it done. I'm going to completely switch banks so that I can stop the deductions. Their website actually states that we give the bank permission to give them our account information if we try to change the account.
    I too dealt with Anthony. What a racket! How is there not a class action lawsuit over this yet? I think we need to find an attorney.

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