SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / discrimination on disabled man.

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I have contact three realtor>com and all have refused my buying or never called back. 1 of them a realtor refused to even return two calls but a text. She finally returned the call and informed she's not qualified to answer any question as she had to much to drink and was drunk. This was so wrong so I tried a different one. I gave her all what i'm looking for both business and home. Her quote was great I have a commercial broker that do the commercial and she handle the home. There was never a return call or email with the homes. Yesterday I searched for another broker or agent ann gladly too my challenge and contacted after two showings and informed she would call later. This was a lye and when I tented her she never called back or even tried. I tented her and asked her why. "she was tired and just got home" funny I waited for that call and never called. Her actions are a violation of my ada rights and is a federal crime. Give me a hill billy with no teeth and they will do there best to get the job done. This realtor is a scam and a joke big time. I think a federal inquire needs to investigate the crimes going on.

Nov 26, 2016

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