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K Nov 24, 2017

Vernon superstore
Make sure Grant Froese gets this complaint.
Just passing thru on Black Friday on my way to Vancouver
When my 24 yr old son had a 35$ go pro knockoff in his hand to purchase and my daughter had makeup in her hand as I did not have a cart and no baskets were available to purchase when a manager named Meridee came up to my son and said he couldn't carry the item through the store I jumped in as obviously she did not know we were all together then said was company policy, I asked her to show me policy she told me to " go to hell" I said oh grant Froese and daryl buk will like that language my son retorted that his dad and himself are both cops and wasn't going to steal anything she said she was calling security I said call the police we will wait she then walked 2 steps and called my son a scrub and me fat... lol grant froese amd Daryl look st my fb page I can assure you I ain't fat ... regardless I got it all on video
I then waited at customer service after paying for my items asked for Jeff Sharman to be paged and meridee they asked what I looked like and the customer service lady said what I was wearing and I heard them say tell them we went home lol I then asked for any store manager and wow all unavailable... I then asked the customer service lady after showing her my bank account of 450k in savings and 200k in chequing to relay that information to the managers and I that really over a child go pro your staff calls names...
I hope you consider these 2 in your layoffs!!! Would you like a copy of the video?
Show me the store policy on this and where is it posted... cause it ain't!!!
Law school has been great to me !!!

Real Canadian Superstore

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