Real Canadian Superstore / unethical behavior

Whitby, ON, Canada
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I am writing today after visiting the Real Canadian Superstore in Whitby (on Baldwin) yesterday around 2pm.

As I stood waiting for my husband near the prepared salad kiosk, I witnessed one of your employees carrying many new prepared salads to put as stock for purchase. She dropped two on the ground that opened up, spilling on the floor. The employee then put the pieces of lettuce that fell out back into the container and placed the prepared salad in the space with all the other prepared salads for sale.

I couldn't believe it! And I can honestly tell you that now that I've seen that I will NEVER purchase a prepared salad again - ANYWHERE!

Just thought you should know so that it can be properly and firmly advised to the staff how to treat the food that is for paying customers.

Jan 15, 2017

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