Real Canadian Superstore / so fresh unsweetened vanilla almond milk


I shop at the Superstore on Weston Road every week.

I went grocery shopping in the evening on March 17/17. The almond milk in the natural foods cooler was all out of stock. So I settled for buying a small Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

I went back to the Superstore at 11:30am, Sunday March 19 in the hopes that the almond milk would be restocked. And guess what? Still the same situation as almond milk in the cooler.

I went to customer service to ask when the So Fresh unsweetened vanilla almond milk would be restocked and the person in the natural food section said they have it in stock, they just haven't put it out yet. The customer service lady told m to come back tomorrow. Really???

What is that? How long does it take to restock your cooler/shelves?

Absolutely ridiculous!

This sucks as I had to settle again and purchase unsweetened vanilla cashew milk.

I would like a reply by a call back, [protected] or an email at [protected]

Michelle Mendoza

Mar 19, 2017

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