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Weston ON, CA
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I've just returned from RCSS on Weston Road and 401. No Frills on Albion Road is my "go to" store, as the selection is wide, the prices are good, and the quality and freshness of items is commendable. I dropped into RCSS today, as it was convenient and has, I thought, a good reputation for quality, even though I think it's much more costly than NF. Amongst a number of seasonal items, meat and potatoes I bought a cello package of carrots for $1.49- the price was attractive.

When I brought the groceries home I opened the carrots to store them in my cold cellar. The first one I grabbed was slimy and rotten. A number of others were in the same condition.

The photo was taken after they had been washed and partially scraped. The smaller pieces were from carrots that were otherwise ok.

I realize that they are an inexpensive item, but when shopping at RCSS I expect a minimum level of freshness and edibility. I think a refund and and an honest assurance that more care would be taken with preparation is appropriate.

Barbara Evers

Real Canadian Superstore
Real Canadian Superstore

Dec 02, 2016

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