Real Canadian Superstore / cashier and price match

London, ON, Canada

I asked a cashier if they price match diapers and she said yes. I had a flyer from Costco and she looked it over and then said oh I can't do $9.00 off as there is no button for it. Then went to say that the flyer was no good, the date was very clear on it.
She then said oh I guess u don't want it and pushed it aside. I just told her I won't take any of my groceries then as she wasted my time and my baby was crying in the cart by then. There was no offer for her to ask a manager to help her with the price match. Only reason I did all of my shopping there. I've never had a problem with a price match in the past with the loblaws store and know the superstore is the same company. What a waste of an hour and I will never go back to this location on Oxford at gamage in London. When I was leaving she told the other cashier oh well what a [censor]. Right in front of my friend and other people in line

Mar 03, 2018

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