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Real Canadian Superstore / poor quality of food

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The quality of food in the Real Canadian Superstore had been in decline for a while. At first, it was still tolerable. Vegetables would go bad within the next two days after purchase, well what can you do, just eat it right the way. Then it became worse when the vegetable is actually rotten when I tried to use it immediately after purchase. So I decided to avoid fresh food. Then I bought some per-packaged cookies, and when I open it on the next day after purchase, it looks like there are bacteria growth on it! I can't believe how poor the quality control is. Just because the grocery is cheaper at Superstore doesn't mean anything at all! You ended up wasting money, time, and may even endanger your health.

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  • Ro
      8th of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    The produce (and food) at "Great" Canadian SuperStore is extremely poor quality, as far as cheaper that is not true either, buying half & half cream, Costco price $1.89 for 1L, SuperStore $1.99 (only if you buy 2 of them otherwise it is $3.97 for 1). Produce cost is pretty much the same, except the Costco quality is far superior. Box of oranges 5LB $4.99 (Superstore) nearly half are already or go moldy within a day or two. Yet "Fresh" is their mandate, hardly. Costco oranges $9.99 for 10LB box, and superior quality product. Sourdough bread at SuperStore (one loaf) $3.99, Sourdough bread at Costco (two loaves) $4.97 (approx), and again the quality is superior. Bought a bag of red potatoes, spending more time cleaning them, because of dirt and bug infestation, then it should take me to cook them.
    Located in Abbotsford, BC, used to be called Great Canadian Superstore, may be called Real Canadian Superstore, either case, should not be allowed to call themselves Canadian given the quality of food and service. Couple times I witnessed different produce people restocking their tomatoes, they dumped the box out like they were a box of rocks instead of tomatoes! So I feel the blame lays squarely with both the suppliers of the produce and with the store personnel.

  • Ke
      20th of Jan, 2016
    +1 Votes

    When you walk into the Superstore In Langford, Victoria BC in the early afternoon at around 3:00pm like I did you will notice this. A few loaves of bread left and the last donuts in all their fresh bakery. I bought the last 6. No sourdough bread, 2 loaves of french bread left. No tomatoes, no bananas, no cilantro, only a few boxed mushrooms a few lettuces on the stand and only a few packages of peppers left too, and the price for a fist sized cauliflour was $5, are you kidding me...???
    I mean it looked like the end of the world. Everyone who walked by said the same thing, what is happening here?

    I left with very little as I couldn't even make a proper salad. Everything had so little if any of each produce. There were only a few yogurts too...
    The prices were crazy expensive. A box of grapes $6, a tiny tiny pineapple for $4. The parsley was $1.70 for a tiny bunch... seriously???

    Might as well go to a higher end since I would be paying these prices there with fresh fresh produce and abundant and flawless produces... Lifestyle markets here I come? I'm really disappointed in this superstore. I have never seen a more poorly run Superstore anywhere ever. They need a new manager who knows how much bread to make to sell daily without running out in the early afternoon. Not being able to buy bread at dinner time if you want to stop buy which is a staple is simply poor poor management.

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