Real Canadian Superstorebad products. chicken and cookies

2 weeks ago my husband picked up 2 super packs of chicken breast. When he brought them home he nearly vomited while he opened the packaging it smelled so terrible. He promptly returned them for fresh chicken. We were obviously upset but superstore replaced our bad chicken. Now today we went shopping again and bought a bunch including Oreos. Looked which were on sale. We had company and put them out for everyone including kids. Once we started eating them we al found they tasted a bit funny... what do you know more bad/expired food. More than a week expired. This is absolutely disgusting !! I'm not one to complain but this is down right ridiculous, I trust your store and the last while you have proved to me that I really shouldn't. I'd like something to be done about this, I can be contacted at [protected]

Thank you

Jan 27, 2017

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