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RC Willey / Poor customer service!

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Purchased a sofa, loveseat, two end tables, a coffee table and an entertainment center from RC Willey -- thousands spent in cash. Had to wait more than a week for an open delivery schedule and then received a damaged sofa and the entertainment center had two right sides and no left sides (and I was not informed that I had to assemble it). The delivery personnel were thugs without a care for the product. When I called to get it rectified I was told I had to wait FOUR DAYS to get a new sofa and entertainment center. When I asked why I had to suffer the consequences of their mistake I was told by their manager that "I am not a magician" and that he could do nothing for me. I told him to take it all back and give me a refund. He laughed and said it was ridiculous to think I would get another retailer to meet my needs so quickly because RC Willey had the best delivery system in the state. I told him to "watch me". Within 12 hours I had my new living delivered while the RC Willey stuff sat taking up space. Four days later, they showed up finally and took it away. Then came the nightmare of getting a refund -- which I had to wait TWO DAYS to get processed. Stay away from RC Willey. They are arrogant as they think they own the Salt Lake market. They do not return phone calls. Their corporate office promised to call me back in ten minutes -- I am yet to hear from them. AVOID AVOID AVOID!

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  • Be
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    Your not human, When things happen as some times the do, be understanding and allow them to make it right. It may take more than a magical 24 hrs to do so. I cannot beleive that you have the time to complain like you have about this company. You must be a very negative man in life or you may just lack common sense of a situation, Remove the blogs because you look like a complete cry baby. Its people like you that make the world a bad place to live .
    Signed a Positive person

  • Je
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    Believer --

    Do you work for RC Willey? RC Willey is a Berkshire-Hathaway company and I am a Berkshire-Hathaway employee. I know what the standards are. I deal with customers on a daily basis. Why should I, as a consumer, accept such treatment? I gave them plenty of time to come to a reasonable resolution and they just didn't want to take care of me. I had trouble finding anyone who would even listen.

    The purpose of this site, as I understand it, is to share experiences such as my own so that others can avoid the same. I didn't expect to be told I'm "not human" or that I was in some way at fault for trying to do business with a company. Unreal.

  • Ri
      27th of Oct, 2010
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    I just got off the phone with one of the rudest people in your finance department. I opened my statement and noticed a handling charge. We are on the no intrest plan so I was wondering about this charge minimal as it may be. I asked the person why it was there and I was told it was for sending my statement. I said then this isn't really a no interest plan, I am still being charges just like the old government trick. This isn, t a tax is is just a regestration or a service fee. She didn't like this and said I should have signed up for E-bills. I said I was never told or offered this service. I can not see anything about this on your statement. She said that you are a big company and it costs to send statements. I agreeded with her and told her I understand since I have my own business but that I have never charged a customer to send a statement since I offered this service. She said we are a big company and it is expensive and I was just a small business and didn't understand. I told her it was all relative, that even though I may be small the cost of billing would most likely represent a similar cost in relation to my gross and net. I was told that it all my fault that I should just do e-bills. I might but after talking to her and her attitude I just may look elsewhere for my pirchases. When I get to my office tomorrow I will sit down with my office manager and make sure that in my business we handle our customer service in a friendly manner. It must be good to be soo big that a company can afford to loose customers.

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