RC Willey Home Furnishingsmemorial day sale scam

Went into RC Willey and found a entire living room worth of furniture and was told they were going to have a big Memorial Day Sale starting May 16th so I took a picture of what I wanted including the price tags and decided to wait two weeks for the sale. When the day of the Sale came we drove about a hour to RC Willey in Draper UT. and went to purchase the furniture and noticed they never reduced the price a single penny, all they did was placed a sale tag on it. When I questioned them about it they said I was mistaken and it was reduced from 1100 to 949.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Draper, UT00 and when I showed the salesman the picture proving they didn't reduce the furniture and that it was never 1100.00 they got defensive and management called me a lair in a round about way and questioned the the picture if it was real or not... So for their dishonest business practices and very very poor customer service they lost out on a several thousand dollars cash sale and Ashley Furniture gained a new customer this day and we ended up with nicer and better quality furniture and saved a thousand off our entire purchase. The salesperson at Ashley Furniture would like to thank you for sending another customer their way.

  • RC Willey Home Furnishings Customer Care's Response · May 17, 2017

    I'm sorry about the issue with your experience at our store in Draper. Our prices and promotions change all the time. Pricing can continue from one promotion to the next or may go back to the original suggested retail price. Prices typically change based on the event/promotion throughout the year. The pricing on the item that you were looking at most likely continued from our Anniversary Sale into our Memorial Day Sale.

    I'd be happy to follow up with our management about your concerns. Can you provide a good contact number or email address that I can have our managers follow up with you at? Anything you can provide will help. Please send me an email to my email address listed below.

    Adam Young
    Social Media/Online Reputation Manager
    RC Willey Corporate Offices

May 16, 2017

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