RC Willey / Fraudulent Serta Mattress Warranties

Orem, UT, United States Review updated:

Prior to lower lumbar double fusion surgery I purchased an $1800 Serta Pillow Top mattress in 2011 at RC Willey in Orem, UT . I was told that the mattress came with a 10 year warranty.

About 12 months ago the mattress started to sag both horizontally and vertically, became lopsided, and had a huge body impression sag.

Last month I had 4 more levels on my back fused. When I got home from the hospital I couldn't use my bed at all because of the sagging (no support for my back). Because of the lack of support and increased pain I had to go back to the hospital. It was determined the pain was due to a support-failed mattress.

I remembered I had a 10 year warranty on my mattress.

I did a Google search on Serta mattresses and how well they honored their warranties. What I discovered was over 500 complaints how not only how the Serta mattresses had failed within a few years but detailed the Serta warranty scam.

Serta sends out an official mattresses measures who is paid for by Serta. He does a few measurements (not in the area where I experienced the sag failure, takes a few pictures and tells me I will hear back from RC Willey about his report?

Two days later I got a letter fro Serta denying my warranty claim .

I am seriously thinking of initiating a class action suit against Serta and RC Willey as a accomplice in this fraud. The last suit I successfully initiated for cell phone billing fraud (devore vs ATT) resulted in a $5 billion settlement against ATT do a google search to verify.

At this point, don't shop at RC Willey as they are not only aware of this scam but participate in it. And, don't buy Serta mattresses. They seem to fail after a few years and after they do Serta does not honor their warranties.
Steve DeVore, Orem, UT

Jul 12, 2015
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  • Rc
      16th of Jul, 2015


    I'm sorry about the issue with your mattress and the warranty claim. I would be happy to follow up with our management about your complaint, but I would need more information to do so. Can you provide the name and phone number on the account, or even the order number or account number itself? Anything you can provide will help so I can follow up with our management. Please send me an email to my email address listed below.

    Adam Young
    Online Customer Service Manager
    RC Willey Corporate Offices

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  • Rc
      17th of Jul, 2015


    I spoke to our buyer about your complaint. He said that he was able to speak to you at length about your complaint. He also told me that you were able to come to a resolution for a credit to be used at one of our stores and keep your mattress as-is.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and I'd be happy to help.


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  • Je
      23rd of Dec, 2016

    I had the exact same issue with a Simmons mattress I purchased from the RC Willey Provo store. The salesman told me it had a 10 year warranty so that was the selling point for me. We had the bed about three years and experienced sagging and the bed leaning to one side. I submitted a warranty claim, some guy came out, took pictures and told me I would be contacted. A week later I got a rejection letter about my warranty claim because the mattress was sold as is. I checked the invoice and printed on the bottom was the sold as is. This was a brand new mattress! How could it have been as is? The RC Willey salesman lied to me. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars buying furniture from RC Willey over the years. The mattress warranty is a scam! I will never purchase anything from RC Willey again!

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