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Bought two bar stools at $450 each. They lasted less then 2 years before they snapped a leg. I found that the legs were made of Press Wood. A friend got injured when the leg snapped. She was just sitting on it, not doing anything fancy or dangerous

Notified the Store in Henderson and they scheduled a tech to come out and review the problem. After a week I was notified that they had a 1 year warranty the night before they were to come out thus I was out of luck.

These bar stool are DANGEROUS, somebody is going to get killed. RC Willy seem not to take this serious. Perhaps when others get hurt and the government or lawyers get involved then action will be taken.

Not what I consider a caring and forthright management

Feb 23, 2016
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  • Reviewer96807,

    I'm sorry about the issue with your barstools. I would be happy to follow up on your complaint to see if there's anything we can do. I would need more information to do so. Can you provide the name and phone number on the account that the barstools were purchased, or even the account number itself? Anything you can provide will help. Please send me an email to my email address listed below.

    Once again, I'm sorry about the issue.

    Adam Young
    Online Customer Service Manager
    RC Willey Corporate Offices

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