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This is a copy of my last email( we are probably up to 35+) Is there no one who can help me I keep getting the same emails resent and no one is addressing my complaint Is there anyone in the complaints department who speaks English as this can be my only assumption
Please would someone agree the product is not fit for purpose and send a refund please
Judy Grayburn

Dear Lyndylyn
Why will no one answer my emails ?
Why do you still keep sending the same email?
Why does no one agree that your product is not fit for purpose?
Why do you keep ignoring my email which tells you the enormous cost of tracking your item?
I am getting so distressed by your complete disregard for any points I have made
I an going to put all these emails into the hands of our consumer programme - you don't seem to mind that your firm will be ‘shamed' on all the British tv's as I am sure they will agree with me that your customer service is appalling This must be nearing 35+ emails and in not one of them have you addressed me personally nor have you actually addressed my complaints
Is there anyone there with a heart ?
If it is a translation problem then I will get this email translated You are showing a heartless and cold approach to my problem and are not able to pick up any points and address them The MAIN point is your product is poor and is not worth the money I spent - let alone the cost of sending it back for £52
I was looking forward to a lovely display on my house for Christmas; instead it has been a sad and frustrating experience
Judy Grayburn

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Dec 08, 2017
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  • Ka
      Dec 12, 2017

    Hi Judy, I have had exactly the same experience with Rama Deals. They send the same "generic" emails, NOBODY will contact you and there is no phone number to contact them. I ordered a fairy light projector on 7th October to pretty up my garden for Christmas parties at home, and still get the same tracking details that it left on 19th Oct. I have asked for a refund but they refuse saying it has already been dispatched... I'm pretty upset as I ordered this through Facebook thinking it would be okay. I am in the process of contacting Facebook to advise them of the scam, and have also emailed Rama Deals with advice that I will contact the Australian Federal Police Fraud Squad to put the company on their radar. The whole experience just infuriates people, especially reading some of the heartbreaking reviews I've read (as I'm sure you have as well). Good luck Judy, I do hope you get somewhere with them eventually. Merry Christmas to you.

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  • Ta
      Dec 14, 2017

    I just want both of you to know that I am dealing the the same with this company. I wish I would have read about them before giving them my information. For starters I ordered it on video game on November 29, 2017 and less then 10 minutes later I changed my mind. I looked up the number and there was not one. ODD!!! Long story short I was getting the generic emails not even addressing my matter. I repeatedly was told that it was in fulfillment and can not be canceled. I reported it to my credit card and have been fighting with different people via "email" saying how can you fulfill and order that I tried to cancel less than 10 minutes later. Then I was told by 1 person that I should refuse will it ships, then told that it takes 14-21 days to even process. I have reported them to BBB in hopes that other people do not get conned by them. I did get an email back which states that they will be refunding me my money in 3-5 days. Which I will forward to my credit card company so they can reverse the charges since the company has agreed then change my credit card number due to this seems like fraud all the way around. The best thing I can tell you is keep on them. I send emails daily. Don't let them get away with this

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  • Ca
      Jan 23, 2018

    I am having the same problems as you three ladies. They want me to send the item I bought back to CHINA with no refund on the postage!! I told them absolutely no way they didn't provide the product advertised. Still get the same emails. I will keep hammering them though even if I don't get anywhere with them. I will black list them everywhere I can. Having read all the complaints I wish I had read them all first. So angry.

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