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Ralph's Store on 211 East Foothill Boulevard, Arcadia 91006. / very rude customer service

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Dear Customer Service Representative,

I am writing in reference to a very bad experience I had last week at the Ralph's store on 211 East Foothill boulevard, Arcadia 91006.

My daughter's birthday was on 02/17/2018 at 12 pm, so me and my wife decided to use this Ralph's store for our catering needs and decided to order 2 trays of assorted sandwich, a fruit platter and also the birthday cake for our daughter's birthday.

I was there first on 02/13/2018 mid morning at the bakery section to enquire about the type cake I wanted to order. I waited for almost a minute and no one greeted me. From a distance, Veronica walk by and said if she can help me. I asked her if I can order a black forest cake and she said no black forest cake. She was not friendly and also did not greet me in the first place. She pointed to the booklet on the counter that consist of pictures of various cakes and also pointed on the board above with all the options of type of cakes, icings and etc, and just walked away. I thought maybe it was no a good time to order the cake and decided that I should come back later.

The next day on Valentine's Day after dinner, my daughter, wife and I decided to stop by and try to place the order again. This time we were greeted by Corey. My daughter liked a chocolate which was displayed with chocolate covered strawberries and I asked him if we can order just like one that my daughter has pointed out and requested for a 10 am pick up time. He said it is not a problem at all, but he was nor sure about the chocolate covered strawberries as they were made specially for Valentine's Day. He further said that Felly and Veronica were the bakers and I should check back with them for the strawberries. He proceed to write out the order and reminded me to check back with either Felly or Veronica the next day for the strawberries. Later I went over to the Deli section and was greeted by Ralph. He was very courteous with a big smile and also made some recommendations on the sandwiches. I place an order or 2 trays of assorted sandwiches and a fruit platter.

The next day on 02/15/2018 on my lunch break between 1pm and 2 pm, I drove from Pasadena which is about 8 miles and wanted to talk to either Felly or Veronica to see if they can do the strawberries, as my daughter really wanted them on her birthday cake. This time I was greeted by Clayton, who was very friendly and courteous told me that no one is there and left an hour ago. He gave the phone number of the store and asked me to call tomorrow to check back.

I wanted to be there in person to make sure I got the right cake, so the next day again on 02/16/2018 I drove up there again during my lunch break and this time I was greeted by Corey again. I asked him about chocolate covered strawberries and he said he had already spoken to Veronica and he said that it is not a problem and she will make the chocolate cake topped with the chocolate covered strawberries. I was very happy and delighted and I thanked him for helping me out.

On the day of the birthday, on 02/17/2018 I was there again to pick up the cake at about 11.00 am . This time Veronica and Corey were there and she proceeded to take the cake out of the refrigerator and place the strawberries on the cake. I could not see the cake as she had her back behind me and when she turn around towards me, I was horrified to see a white cake with chocolate covered strawberries. I told her that it was not the white cake that I ordered and showed her a picture of the chocolate cake on my cell phone that I have snapped on the day I placed the order with Corey.

Then she said that " At least I got it done for you" I told her that it was not the cake that I have ordered. She further said that she called me in the morning and left me a message on my phone in regards to the cake. I said I did not received a call form her and showed her my call id on my phone, and I did not check my message because I did not received a call from her. Both Corey and Veronica, not even once said that they were sorry for their actions, rude, inconsiderate and nonprofessional and very bad customer service. At one point I can see them laughing away on the side of the oven, which me and my daughter notice and they thought that we did not notice. I further said to Veronica" You are calling me less than 2 hours on the day I am picking up the cake and on my daughter's birthday."
She replied " At least I got a cake done for you. I took the cake and left.

At this point I was furious and very upset.. I proceeded to the self checkout and pay for the cake and later approached the store manager to tell her about my experience and explain to her what have happen with my order.

I can't recall her name. She asked me for the cake order slip and she read it and she confirmed that it was a chocolate cake that I have ordered and I also showed her the picture of the chocolate cake that I have ordered. I told her that I was very upset and why is Veronica calling me on the day I am picking up the cake and less than 2 hours before I pick up the cake. Instead she could call me one day ahead, so that I can make other arrangements, or get the cake from somewhere else. I told her that this is totally unacceptable and I am extremely unhappy and I will be calling the corporate office to file a complain as I do not deserve this kind of service as my family have been shopping with Ralph's for so many years.

She asked for the receipt as she wanted to comp the cake, but I could not find the receipt in my wallet, As I continue to look into my wallet and pockets, a employee who is in charge of the self serve said out loud to the manager that I did not complete my payment for the cake and that he had voided out the transaction. The manager later rang up the cake again and later comp the cake. I went to see the manager not because I wanted a free cake, but to tell her how incompetent and rude her bakery staff are.

Later, in the evening, I checked my voice mail and Veronica did called at 8.13 am and left a message on my voice mail saying that she didn't have whip chocolate icing and only have whip white icing or Oreo cookies icing. Yes she did leave a message, but it is totally unacceptable to inform a customer merely less than 2 hours on the pick up time and date and not apologetic, care and inconsiderate when I placed the order 4 days ahead. Even when she left the message on my voice mail, not even once she said that she was sorry or apologetic.

I have both the pictures of the chocolate cake and the white cake, receipt for the sandwiches, fruit platter and the cake order slip, if you need them which I can forwarded to you.

Lastly, I should have gone to Vons which had a grand opening a few weeks ago which is about less than a block from Ralph's to order for my event. I have been shopping at Ralph's for many years and I did not know I will experience this kind of customer service. Both Veronica and Corey's lack of empathy, rude, very poor people's skills and bad attitude were heart wrenching. Sometimes I think that maybe it was the color of my skin and accent, that they didn't give the basic service I need. I did not ask for a VIP service or a red carpet roll out welcome, just as simple basic service. Is it too much to ask?

John Abbas

Ralph's Store on 211 East Foothill Boulevard, Arcadia 91006.
Ralph's Store on 211 East Foothill Boulevard, Arcadia 91006.

  • Updated by abbas86, Mar 09, 2018

    You know nothing about customer service. Now I am being rude? Which part of the English that you didn't understand? Read between the lines and paragraphs to get a clearer picture, you [censor].

Mar 4, 2018
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    Noonie Mouse and carrade make a great couple.

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    @The Lidman Foundation Um, they are the same person along with many other accounts.

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    Are you really complaining that you had to wait almost a whole minute at the counter for someone to speak to you? After that remark, I can see who was the problem with your whole cake fiasco...

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