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The special assessment is one of many problems that RVC and prior to that Club Regina is guilty of. I have been a member since 97, I can't tell you the number of times I have been told that they are upgrading the resorts. I have complained numerous times, at the resort, by phone, letter and email. I never received the type of unit that I bought (they have changed unit names sine '97). The activities have been cut at the resorts, the units have been in need of repair for years. The big upgrade at Cancun (not much of an upgrade), is what was promised and shown in 97. After all my complaints, they gave me free points. My wife and I are 60 years old and have this unit almost 40 more years, what am I going to do with more points. I doubt that I will be able to walk up the Cancun hill at 100.
Last winter, my wife and I spent a week in an all inclusive on a beautiful beach in DR for less then the cost of a years maintenance at RVC. We are being ripped off-ANYTHING that we can do to address the issue of not only the SA but the second class resorts at first class prices I will be a part of.


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      Jul 03, 2009

    There are 15 pages of "Special Assessment" complaints over on Also included are instructions on how to file complaints with the Houston BBB, FTC, Texas Attorney General and your state AG. Examples and details are available at You have to file the paperwork if you want to get rid of the corrupt practices and corrupt RVC board members.

    In addition to mismanaging the annual maintenance fees, the attempt to levy the SA (now momentarily withdrawn) was really blackmail in the beginning revealing not only their desperation, but a spirit of complete disregard for contracts and obligations. If the AG can find that RVC was diverting named funds to other uses, they will require them to be repaid by Raintree Resorts International. Daniel Keeney was hired by RVC as damage control when many members expressed interest in a class-action lawsuit. Unfortunately PR cannot cover up fraud.

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      Jul 04, 2009

    Thank you Amy T for good direction.

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