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Levy of a special assessment with no contractual obligation to fulfill planned improvements to the resorts.

Email sent to RVC special assessment email address awaiting response:


Dear Sirs:

We received the special assessment letter and invoice through the U.S. Mail.

The letter states this assessment is required to make improvements desired by the members, but it does not state that these specific improvements will be accomplished, only that you "plan to undertake" them with no timetable for completion.

What guarantee do we have these funds will be used to make these improvements? What is the timetable to complete these improvements?

In the past, we have witnessed an inordinate amount of funds expended unsuccessfully in marketing efforts by paying prospective buyer to attend a "presentation" at the resorts. Matter of fact, we could not use el Set at Cabo in the mornings because it was reserved to entertain prospective buyers. Club members were inconvenienced at the expense of these sales efforts!

The past two years, I came to the club lobby and used the wireless access every morning... While checking my email, I witnessed this first hand along with a lot of other early rising club members. Remarks were made poolside as the deteriorating conditions of the club units and reduction of amenities available to the members on the club side of the resort.

I must ask if this practice is going to continue? What guarantees us club members that these funds once raised will be used solely for the purposes stated in the mailing?

I would appreciate a formal response signed by Douglas Beech, CEO, Raintree International, LLC. In addition, I would appreciate some sort of a binding document coinciding with the payment of this Special Assessment.

Thank you,


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      Jun 26, 2009

    We have compiled a list in excess of 100 members that are communicating and strategizing with a goal of contacting the attorney general in multiple states, especially Texas and AG Andrew Cuomo in New York. If you want to be a part of the combined effort, please send your email address to [protected]

    The longest and most thorough thread of complaints and comments is at The title of this complaint is “Trying to charge a ‘Special Assessment.’"

    For the convenience of the authorities who might want to read members postings and for future reference, it seems it would be best to accumulate all comments under the above thread. There are already 13 pages on the thread.

    Thank you.

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      Aug 17, 2009

    I need to join your group. I have been a member of Raintree since 2001 and have been able to trade my weeks, but always upset when I get there as to the the conditions of the units. I want to help in anyway I can to get Raintree to tell me or where these fees go. What I am afraid of is they have "Madoff" with our money

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