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I got a statement from Raintree Vacation Club for an annual Special Fee. I live in Mexico and have seen other members of this timeshare in the US asking if this charge applies for members in Mexico, Yes it does. I have sent emails to RCV letting them know that there is no clause in the contract stating that they can charge special fees. From my point of view if this is a legal charge they don't need to "offer free points with RCI" they just apply what is mandatory by the contract. I got an email answering the same text that was included in the letter with the statement that some members had called for improvement in the facilities and internet at rooms. I was also warned that if I didn't pay this special fee I was not going to be able to use RCV's facilities and charges and fines would apply if I didn't pay on timely basis.

I tried calling their customer service call center in Mexico and they gave me a phone number in Houston, they claimed there is nothing they can do.

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  • Or
      Jun 26, 2009

    Please go to Raintree Vacation Club blog. We are trying to coordinate everyone there on 1 blog.

    Thank you.


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  • Ji
      Jun 26, 2009

    We have compiled a list in excess of 100 members that are communicating and strategizing with a goal of contacting the attorney general in multiple states, especially Texas and AG Andrew Cuomo in New York. If you want to be a part of the combined effort, please send your email address to [protected]

    The longest and most thorough thread of complaints and comments is at The title of this complaint is “Trying to charge a ‘Special Assessment.’"

    For the convenience of the authorities who might want to read members postings and for future reference, it seems it would be best to accumulate all comments under the above thread. There are already 13 pages on the thread.

    Thank you.

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  • Mr
      Jun 30, 2009

    Below is an email that a member sent around to other members. It pretty much sums up why RVC is charging this SA: They are in dire straights, with no money and are on the hook for $25M for another failed fiasco:

    "Haven't talked to you in a while...2006 to be exact. That was the year we made the fatal decision to trade our Club Regina for Grand Regina Villas, another RVC ripoff. Turns out, Raintree never built the Villas, sold the project to Starwood, who never did anything either. There is now a group of 154 Villas owners that have put up money and retained an attorney to fight/sue Raintree & Starwood in an attempt to get our money back.

    I noticed your name floating around some of the emails from disgruntled Club Regina owners over the "special assessment". I'm sure I'd be furious over something like that, too. To put it mildly, Doug Bech is pretty much of a slime-ball. I'm one of a 6-member owners committee that met with our attorney, Doug Bech and his attorney and Starwood attorneys in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. We spent most of the time listening to "we just don't have the money to return everything". By his own admission, RVC had sold around $25M worth of weeks, yet didn't put the money into an escrow fund pending construction. Supposedly, he only has around $5M to return. They made one offer after the meeting, but it was piss-poor. Supposedly, another offer will be sent on Monday. If it's not, or if it's not any better, a lawsuit will be filed in federal court on Wed.

    I had a thought that maybe this special assessment was an attempt to raise money to pay us back, then figure out how to deal with all of the irate Club Regina owners. Do you have a copy of the special assessment letter you could email or fax me? I think we might be able to use it as ammunition in the lawsuit. Oh, did you know that Doug spent $4.5M buying another resort in Puerta Vallarta right across the street from Club Regina, I believe it was last Sept. We figure he used some of our money to buy that. All I know is that we have a bunch of owners in our legal group that want to see him in jail, and he knows it.

    I've been getting copied on emails from your group. All I can say is, good luck! You'll need it. Might as well get ready for a fight. We've pretty much figured out that he uses maintenance fee income to buy more properties, instead of using it for maintenance of the existing ones. They probably all do to some extent."

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  • Go
      Jan 06, 2010

    Hello. I am another owner who does not agree to pay the special fee or ‘Special Assessment". Please let me know how can I join the other owners in this fight against Raintree Vacation. My emails are:

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  • Co
      Feb 01, 2010

    Please go to Raintree trying to charge a special assessment.

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  • Ce
      Apr 13, 2010

    Have you tried going to PROFECO? Otherwise I doubt Raintree would stop trying to charge SA

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  • Da
      May 29, 2010

    Raintree has done nothing but charge fees since I joined them. The value is poor for the cost. I have been unable to use the points. My wife and I consider this the worst financial decision we've made, and we think we were scammed by pros. These guys employ predatory salesmen and we were taken in. I would gladly join a class-action suit.

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  • To
      Jul 22, 2010

    On June 4, 2005, my wife and I were in Cancun, Mexico vacationing when we decided to look into buying a timeshare with Club Regina . After much thought and consideration we decided to buy two units since we could travel with our children. This units weren't cheap we ended up paying 40K for both units . After getting back home we decided to pay off the contract. When signing the contract there was nothing said of having a special assessement fee all the contract said that we needed to pay the yearly fee which started at 810.00 yearly and since then has gone up to 1, 106.00 . Now we get a special fee to be paid before we can use our timeshares of the same amount of the yearly fee. which we can't afford to be paying . I have tryed talking to this people at Club Regina and they pass the buck to someone else and they never give you the answer you need to hear from them. I am really piss off with this people and I am ready to join a CLASS ACTION SUIT against them for being such crooks, first of we should never have bought this timeshares, second we should have never paid it off. and third we won't be going back to Mexico which we used to go at least twice a year.

    TonyF.Martinez, Retired Magistrat Judge

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