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Rainsoft Water Softener / no money refund from rainsoft!

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Re: RainSoft

Another month has gone by and still no one from Rain Soft / Discovery Marketing and Distributing, Inc., has called me back or made an appointment to install the system; nor has there been a refund of my
money which, after 6 months of unsuccessful installation attempts, is all I am asking for (plus the cookware and the free under-sink filter, and the repair of my irrigation system and well).

On April 10, 2006, I agreed to pay $5,000.00 for a Rain Soft water softening system, an air conditioner filter, and under-sink water filter. Refer 5 people. I did. I have not gotten the Cookware as promised. Buy one, get one free under-sink-filter - not gotten, either. FALSE advertising!!!

The first attempt to install the main system resulted in:

1. Broken irrigation lines, valves and wiring in 2 of 4 zones, at one location near my house.

2. Further digging in another attempt to install the unit near my house resulted in uprooting protective fencing just underground that kept puppies from digging up any wiring along the pool area. The twisted
wire fence is still exposed, with potential danger of my dogs breaking a leg, if the dozen or more rocks and stepping stones move, that I placed on the corners and on the sides.

3. On April 28, 2006, Generous Electric of Lake County installed some kind of receptacle and/or plug-in at my well pump. Either they or Discovery Marketing installers broke the hasp for opening the wooden protective covering of the pump switches and the cover for the well controls was missing, as well as no plate for the receptacle, allowing ants and wasps to build nests on my equipment and contacts. A Discovery Marketing representative was here, later that same day (such fast service) to collect their money.

4. A couple weeks after the initial installation, I noticed that my plants were dying. Within minutes after the timer started one of the 4 zones, the well kept shutting down, resulting in no water period anywhere on my property. I found that two of the 4 zones did not come on at all, and the 2 that were left were watering my acreage with softened water, as were my kennel runs that I rinse every day (reduced pressure). NOT. I asked Discovery Marketing to take the unit off my well, since I did not want to pay for salt to remove minerals as it watered my lawn and flowers and trees. Sago palms, magnolia trees, and rose bushes have either died, lost leaves, or turned brown.

A professional irrigation man came out to investigate my irrigation system problems; and since NO ONE has been near my system, except Rain Soft, it was in his professional opinion that the missing 2 zones were a result of the first day when your installers tore up my rock-yard, (covered in 8" of rock) broke the wiring on one zone, and recapped a second zone so close that the valve could not be reconnected. How could Mr. Robert Jones say the broken wires and PVC were pre-existing, when everything worked perfectly, before Rain Soft dug up my yard?

5. The under-sink filter fell off the wall, flooding my house, damaging furniture and rugs in my den, kitchen, and carpet in the adjacent dining room, and water-stain on the wooden floor under the sink. Discovery Marketing sent another installer to mount it back on the wall with longer screws. Discovery Marketing also agreed to replace the under sink floor that is water stained and warped.

After several failed attempts on the part of different installers, Discovery Marketing has not found a way, in over 6 months, to install the unit. I talked to Jason Spinney once, but although others said he was on another line, he did not return my later calls to reschedule the installation or pay the damages to my irrigation system which I had to hire someone to fix. I have repeatedly tried to talk to this man, but he was not available. After 6 months, I feel I should get my money back and damages incurred by your company. My attorney told me not to waste my time calling any more, but document the facts, give you one last chance to refund my money, or I will contact the Better Business Bureau, the TV and radio stations, and go to court to recover my losses.


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  • Rh
      1st of Dec, 2006
    +1 Votes

    I bought RainSoft water conditioning unit and R/O system 4 yrs ago. assured it would end my rust problems. told it would require little or no service. wrong. continued rust stains in tub, sinks, shower head, toilet, on clothing. service people have come 5 times. no improvement. now the water line to the R/O system has rusted closed. contacted dealer. their letter to me blamed me for not calling more often for service! at $80+ for basic service call, can't afford that 2-3x/year. plus 2 bags of salt per month, R/O filters every 2 years $150, plus 3rd R/O filter that's changed every 5 years costs $200. have contacted corporate office, waiting for reply; also reported dealer to BBB waiting for that outcome. could not recommend RainSoft to anyone.

  • Jo
      16th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have had rainsoft for over 5 years now and I would not live without it, I hate when people have one problem and assume that the whole company and system are trash. I would not live without Rainsoft, whether you have city or well water, it is mostly needed, in fact there are plenty of homes in my area being built with cheap filters already put in. That goes to show you how water conditioners are needed. I had a culligan filter before and that was crap. Bought cheap but spent twice in service and false lifetime warranties. We did have a few concerns about where the system was going to be placed but once i found a good zone for it everything was groovy. My son's eczema faded away slowly using the rainsoft system water, my wife loves it for here hair and the clothes and food etc. I did have an iron problem before the system and found out that the cheap culligan system could not remove the suspended iron from my water. the culligan salesman didn't know what suspended iron was. the rainsoft guy automatically knew and recommended the proper equipment. I also enjoy the natural soap that they have given us for over 5 years and we still have some of that stuff :) Anyone who has some common sense will understand that this money is already being spent so you can choose to spend it on your crappy tap or get a system and if you dont want a top notch system then go get one from home depot. Regarldless I WOULD RECOMMEND RAINSOFT TO EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY!!! TWO THUMBS UP.

  • Jo
      16th of May, 2007
    -3 Votes

    I totally agree with Mr. Stevens. I'm a very skeptical person before I buy anything. I researched the company thoroughly and finally made the decision to get the system instead of anything else on the market. I did follow up with some of the complaints that were listed online and found that most of them were false, some people just wanted to ruin the company's reputation due to small concerns. One was a lady not getting a box tea that was promised to her, then she went on saying that the system wasn't working properly and she stopped taking care of it and so forth. I happened to get a reply from her husband who assured me that the information from his wife was false and he would have recommended rainsoft any day to anybody. There was no more chlorine smell coming from the water, it definitely tastes different than the tap or bottled water and it helps with the skin and the laundry and stuff. Me and my family are currently enjoying our rainsoft filter that we paid cash for to avoid the interest rate from the banks. I totally would recommend the system to anyone. People are not stupid and it's not magic, i have research their chemicals and had my township perform the same test and the results were very similar to the rainsoft's test results which i was skeptical about. I do not regret at all getting this system.

  • Jo
      16th of May, 2007
    -3 Votes

    Raisoft is one of the best systems out on the market right now. I recently found rainsoft advertising at home depot which totally blew me away that they are part of such a large company. I asked some questions and spoke to some CEO's and presidents of some companies that use the system such as UL headquarters, McDonald University and some other places, they reassured me to do some other research and figure out exactly what was it that i needed from a water system. There's also a difference between water softener and a water conditioner. I never knew the difference but i learned that the conditioner from rainsoft worked a lot better than the cheap softeners from lowes and home depot. I just started using the system and besides buying my home being my greatest investment, i think this system is definitely the second best investment anyone could make.

  • Se
      27th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    How dumb must one person be to believe that the original complaint and follow-up complaint sat around for months and then three positive reviews happened all on the same day? Wow! I was considering Rainsoft for my home but not now. Discovery Marketing seems like a very shady company that I do not want to deal with.

  • Da
      17th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I purchased the system with high hopes from the testing and presentation. Signed the contract and the system was installed. Now it has become a nightmare. I have had to purchase different soaps, creams, medicines, cleaning products, mold and mildew product more now than ever. Wasn't this supposed investment, going to illiminate this from happening and me spending all of this money? That's what they told me. Now all of a sudden there's this 3 day rule for cancellation. If your product is as good as you say and is suppose to be worthy of a lifetime warranty, why is there a 3 day cancellation policy, especially when it's going to take more than three days to figure out if the system really works as presented. Well I had demanded that someone check something, because it just wasn't working and they finally sent someone out to test the water and this was after having it for 10 months, guess what? My water was still hard. So I was asked to turn the system off for a couple of months and then turned back on to try it again. I did and nothing has changed. I called back to have them pick up the system and they won't. I ask them to put it in writing, the refusal to pick up the equipment and my complaint about it and they won't do that either. The Rainsoft management said that I should have the finance company call them and they would talk directly to each other. Go figure. So basically I told them that I was not going to pay for something that was causing more harm and money than good and savings.

  • Ge
      12th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hey, I just had one of those salesman at my house last night. I could tell right away by his actions it was all a preconcieved routine. WE have a culligan system with reverse omosis (this was installed 12 yrs ago and works fine - no problems). Knowing he had to prove our system was not doing the job, we spent three hours on testing city water, bottle water, and treated water(not the R/O).
    I admit that the clorine levels were high after treatment and his testing of his treated water wasn't any better( note: his treated our already treated water).
    When he tested the city water it was just full of clorine (very cloudy white sediment). The bottled water had some sediment in it and our treated water (not from the R/O) practicely nothing noticable.
    In short at the end, I told him and (over the phone) his boss or manager or whatever, that I would not buy until the culligan broke down. Of course, the salesman was a bit upset.
    This took about 1/2 an hour and it was well past 11:00 pm.
    I hope that many of you learn to shop around FIRST, before you buy.
    Thank you

  • Da
      27th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Look at all the competition, SCARED OF RAINSOFT... they are aligned with Home Depot, WOW! Say goodnight to any so called competition now "aka" all the complaints on this board. lol

  • No
      10th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have one and I think is a bad experience for the money you paid.

  • To
      7th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Dude screw this company and I can not believe Home Depot lets them sour there name. I filled out a card at home depot one day to get what I thought was free water testing. While I week went buy and I got a call from rain soft saying they were Home Depot and that I won a weekly drawing and that I would receive a $500 grocery gift card. So I ask the person on the phone is this some sort of scam like those stupid travel companies. She was like "oh know this gift card is straight from home depot, I assure you its legit." So I thought nothing of it and assumed she was telling the truth and scheduled the the water testing since she died over and over she was from home depot. She told me the water tester would be dressed in a home depot outfit.

    They called the day before to make sure I would be home and again said they were from Home depot. So the guy shows up, no signs that he's from home depot. I thought to myself "well heck I would want to wear that dorky outfit either". He starts testing the water and saying all this dumb crap to my wife and right then and there I knew this whole thing was full of crap. We listened to his stupid speech and presentation and got down to the outrageous price and i told him no like 4 times after all the stupid crap he said he would throw into the deal. Like that free hippie soap and and cleaning supplies.

    So finally the guy gives up and says, "so what did you pick for your free gift". I was like "free gift WTH, they told me i won a drawing for a $500 grocery gift card?' so come to find out it was a damn coupon book and then he acting all innocent like and said "oh i can't believe they told you that". What a peace of ****. This really pissed me off cause this guy already wasted an hour and a half of my life. Then to top it all off he asks well you can have a free vacation instead which one would you like. I said "I don't give a **** I just wanted to eat dinner and hour you wasted your time here." So he gave me both bogus gifts. This whole experience just made me so mad, I would have never thought Home Depot would let a company come in there store and trick people into getting a free water testing and then lie there ### off to the customer. I knew they would try and sell me something but I didn't think they would try all these weak ### pressure tactics.

    Who ever supports this company on this board either works for these SOB's or they are extremely brained washed and deserve to get bent over and taken for there hard earned money.

  • Ch
      7th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    When I arrived home tonight at 8:13, the RainSoft guy was waiting. We told the people calling us that we worked late every night, but they were relentless. My wife didn't arrive home until almost 9pm, and he didn't want to start without her. He was a good salesman that knew every mind-bending trick in the book. I just couldn't rationalize paying $7250.00 for a 'whole house system.' Especially paying 17% interest when my wife and I have never had to pay more than 5% interest on our home or vehicles. He was asking for about $125 a month, I can't imagine what the finance charges on that would have been. This guy kept pushing and pushing. I finally told the guy that I was offended at his tactics and that I told them from the beginning that I don't make buying decisions under false pretense of urgency. This guy just blew me off as a dick, which I may be, but I am no idiot. The products sound just fine, but I couldn't agree with anything the guy wrote down on paper. I still want a system, but not from somebody who is afraid to let me do some checking around. I told the guy that I wanted to check out their company and so I went to the computer. The guy ran downstairs when my wife told him what I was doing and he told me to go to the RainSoft website to see what customers have to say. I asked him, don't you think it is wise to get an unbiased opinion (non-company site), and he said, 'no.' What a nut job.

  • Jo
      21st of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am wondering if someone can help me out with some advise. Here is some context.

    I just had a Rainsoft salesperson over tonight. We accepted for him to come under the pretence that this was a free water test. He was nice and was not pushy. We knew nothing about water testing but what he said about the water being hard and what not seemed reasonable.

    The system seemed attractive to us. The only problem is that it seemed to expensive. My wife and I told him that we needed to talk it over. He said no problem. He told us that he could get us a nice no payment no interest deal for the first 6 months if we agreed to call in to confirm in two days (today is Wednesday so we would have to call Friday by 10 am). Then he had me fill out an application for credit and also one of their contracts on which he wrote that I was not agreeing to purchase until I called in to confirm. Then I signed ( I now realize that I shouldn't have). It did not take long for me and my wife to decide that we did not want to make this purchase since we can probably buy a less expensive softener that would provide the same benefit and avoid the high interest rates and extra costs.

    My question is Do I have to cancel the contract I signed (of course within their required 3 business days) or is it enough not to call to confirm that I agree to purchase since that is what the sales rep wrote on the contract?

  • Ce
      11th of Dec, 2007
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  • Je
      18th of Jan, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I can fully understand how these people may feel about their experience with their local product dealer. I have been marketing RainSoft products for 10 years now and wish to emphasize to anyone looking to purchase a system that the products themselves are very good products - some of the best in the business. The fact is there are close to 6 million rainsoft owners worldwide and that RainSoft sits at over a 98% customer satisfaction rating. This means there are around 5.88 million satisfied customers out there! You've just heard of 6 complaints in two years... think logically and do the math. It's just as possible to have one unit with a defect as it is to purchase a car with one. In either instance, the corporate offices will do anything they can to resolve it.
    When looking into purchasing water treatment, my best advice to anyone is to look up the dealership's credentials - the company that sells the product in your area. Just as Ford has hundreds of dealerships, so does RainSoft. Check out with the local BBB to see if there are any complaints for your area. The reason being is Rainsoft truly has the best warranties in the business, but you need to make sure the person or dealership servicing it has a noticeably clean track record. Be a smart consumer.

  • Ti
      23rd of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have had a Rain soft system for @ 9 years. As far as I can tell it has worked fairly well. Today I had it serviced as I do yearly and was informed that my carbon filter has disintegrated and some other part is bad and it could cost up to $1000 to fix or replace it and replace my Multi-pure undersink water filter for around $4000. My lifetime warranties and manufacturers literature does not mention any replaceable filters on the unit or the need to do so. Nor does anything mention a normal lifespan of the unit. I may be an idiot but I thought lifetime warranty referred to my life time not my grandfathers. Oh sorry he died in 1998. Interesting enough no one servicing my system in the last eight services mentioned the possibility of repacing filters to preserve the good working condition of my system. So end all shouldn't my warranty cover all necessary repairs? Anyone have any info I would love to hear from you.

  • Ro
      1st of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow, yours is worse then mine. The rainsoft did install mine but it don't even work. Their reverse osmosis? It's worse it clog my ice maker and my refrigerator water is clogged also. Their promise of year supply of soap. It never lasted for a month. So I decided to look for the company, they are crook,lier and cheater. Get my softner right. That's all I ask or give my money back.

    Angry Customer
    Robert Brooks

  • Ja
      1st of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    My wife and I agreed to allow a rep from Rain Soft to give us a free water test. The rep was a nice enough person but only had enough informaton on the product to try and make the sale. We have just bought our home and told the rep that we were interested in possibly bying the product but, needed some time. As with most new home buyers, there are expenses that need to be delt with first before buying what I call a luxury item. I told the rep that we needed some time to get our expenses in order and see if we were going to be able to make the added 150 dollar a month pmt. She was very persistant. She would call her supervisor everytime I told her that I would prefer to wait. She would come back with a counter offer to try and get me to buy. I began to become upset and felt over pressured. The rep would not let up on trying to push the product on me. This caused an argument between my wife and I and the rep continued to try and sell. This was very disrespectfull on the part of the rep. In the end, we did not buy the product. We spent three hours of our time which, we were 90% sure were were going to buy the product but, after this, I will never buy anything from a company who has to have thier reps push and push to sell the product.

  • Su
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Serveral weeks ago we participated in a grand opening giveaway at our newly built "Home-Depot". Not long after that we received
    a phone call mentioning the giveaway entry and that we'll receive a free water test.

    An appointment was sceduled for Saturday 1pm. We were under the impression that we were dealing with "Home-Depot", test it and leave. No mentioning of "Rain Soft" sales reps showing up at our door steps for a demo of some overpriced water treatment system we've never heard of, that would take up the rest of that afternoon.

    We have to admit, there is a lot to water quality and the whole demo made sense. Even though we have our own well and don't feel we have a problem with our water, the whole thing was interesting enough to wanting to look deeper into the subject.

    Well, he made us an offer that would only be valid today.
    "Only 135$ monthly on your Home-Depot card with 6 months interest free!!!!!.
    (Yeah, right! For how long with those interest rates ??!)
    The price tag was 7000$ !!!!! (That was after all those so-called discounts he gave us. He thought he sounded so good.)
    Just like these cheap sales pitches on TV:"but wait, there's more" he reached for the panic button. Now we getting all these other things for free. Cleaners worth in excess of ...... , more interest free months on the credit card.
    We weren't too impressed with the offer.
    When I reached for my own calculator to do some calculations, that didn't sit well with him. Now he was really getting persident on getting the deal done which annoyed us even more.
    He started to belittle us more or less for wanting more time for research: "I told you all you need to know, it's obvious you will have to purchase a water treatment system sooner or later. Everybody will have to have one. If you don't buy this now this deal will be off and you will have to buy it at a highter price."
    I couldn't help but laugh at him.
    They had arrived at 1pm and left at 4:30pm
    Needless to say they left empty handed and P.O.ed

    They tell you only what they want you to know. If their product and reputation is as good as they claim then why the hurry in trying to make me sign the deal right there right then.

    We may eventually purchase a water treatment system.
    "Rain Soft" ? No, thank you!

  • St
      5th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was directed to this site by someone who had a bad experience with a Rainsoft salesperson. I can see that there are a few bad sales people out there! It's just too bad for those buyers because I had a great salesperson who was patient with my very detailed questions (I did research before they came over). He was respectful and very personable.

    There are many many local distributors. Each needs to stand on its own merits. You don't hear about the Rainsoft system failing, but the installations/local distributors failing. Rainsoft has a solid product.

    I have had the system in my home for 2 years. We love it! We had a great installer who put it in the correct place on our property and did a professional tie-in to our existing plumbing.

    Our city water was horrible. It tasted and smelled bad and forced us to use bottled water for drinking and coffee. I was sick and tired of driving to Sams 2 or 3 times a month to buy more water. Since having the system we have only purchased bottled water for trips or sporting events for the kids. Also, our skin is not dry and our plumbing fixtures stay clean without constant attention.

    Sure it was expensive, but aren't most good things in life?

  • Jo
      16th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Bought rainsoft about 10 yrs. ago. Salesman gave a price of 5000 dollars. We refused, he finally came down to 1200. Don't agree to the initial offer..they will offer you a better deal! The instalation went fine and the system worked great for about 5 yrs. The special 24 volt transformer plug died, i found one at a salvage store and replaced it myself for ten bucks. Yesterdaya tech. came out for routine service and the regeneration unit won't run. The cheapest fix will be 700. They try to tell you your system will work great forever but they have built in obsolesence to make sure you'll be paying them forever. The quality of the softening was great the thing really does work, but somewhere down the line it WILL break down. Beware

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