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Rainsoft Of Birmingham / buyer beware!

1 255 Riverchase Pkwy E # CBirmingham, AL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (205) 739-5959

Rainsoft of Birmingham called us about testing our water and the very first night they tested the water coming out of the kitchen faucet, then they tested the water coming through the "mini" Rainsoft filtration unit and told us how great our water is going to be. Less soap, no scrubbing, soft and clean water.

The water did not get soft, the water is terrible. I turned the water on many times and it is orange and muddy and mirky.

Also, it would take care of the sediment in our water and our whole-house sediment filter was removed and then later Rainsoft installed a shoddy sediment filter.

We never had water so bad that it was unusable from our well until they installed their filtration unit. It was supposed to be better. Why is the water worse coming out of their unit?

Ever since we have turned off the Rainsoft filtration unit our water has been great. It is clear and drinkable.

*When Brad took the water sample in December of 2007 and informed us that it had sat on his desk for a week and we had bacteria in our well, he stated that it was the type of bacteria that iron feeds on and it was not harmful for human consumption.

*On March 5, 2008 Brad informed me that we should not drink the water coming from our well that it was harmful because of the bacteria in the water.

*What I don't understand is how can he change his mind and know what kind of bacteria we have in our well. He has not performed any test with a certified lab to determine what kind of bacteria we have in our well. He claims he is a well-water expert. What kind of well-water "expert" is that?

I do not trust him to do anything to my water. They have not done anything to earn my trust.

We have been drinking and using this water for 35 years and have not had one single health problem or any kind of problem EXCEPT for after the Rainsoft filtration Unit that was installed on our water line.

Rainsoft's selling practices needs to be checked out! This product was misrepresented to us.

I have never had to deal with such a mess as this is. I can't believe this company refuses to refund us our money. We have not been able to use their unit for months now. We cannot use the water coming out of their system it is so bad.

I hope I am not too repititious, but we need help.

How can anyone pay $5, 000 for something that does not function as we were told it would do?

I cannot help but believe that this product has been misrepresented to many others also.

I have sent in a complaint about the Rainsoft filtration system that was purchased 9/17/2007.

We did inform the salesman on the evening that he tested our water and we made the purchase that we would NOT pay for this if it did not function as he told us it would. We also told the finance person that came out to inspect the installation that we were NOT paying for this if it did not function as we were told it would. We have had to disconnect the unit because the water coming out of the system is so bad we are unable to use the water.

I want to reiterate: WE HAD A WHOLE HOUSE SEDIMENT FILTER ON OUR HOUSE AND HAD NO PROBLEM WITH OUR WATER. MY HUSBAND PURCHASED THEIR UNIT TO HAVE SOFT WATER. THEY REMOVED OUR SEDIMENT FILTER AND INFORMED US THAT THEIR UNIT WOULD TAKE CARE OF FILTERING OUR WATER. WHY DID THEY REMOVE OUR SEDIMENT FILTER THEN CAME OUT AND PUT IN A SHODDY SEDIMENT FILTER WITH SHODDY PLUMBING (I have pictures of their shoddy unit and work) They have done nothing but misrepresent what their $5, 000 product would do. It has caused nothing but PROBLEMS for us. I don't understand why they won't just come and get their unit that is not certified by the Quality Water Association as represented by them. When my son pressured them about getting us a copy of the certification they stated only the plumbing parts were certified for water pressure!


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