RadioShack.comgod sake do not waste your money on expedited shipping

So, Saturday morning I went to the Radio Shack store where the store manager and I are now becoming best buds, and asked if the order has been received, the item was a zBoost product that I had ordered for the second time on Thursday. He was not sure and offered to look up the order on the computer. Still the same status - PROCESSING! No change. Mind you this is the second time we had entered the order in a week. His suggestion was to call the help line and get a status on the order. Well this is when the fun begins. The woman on the line tells me that the order has been processed, and that I should receive it Wednesday or Thursday next week. Normally, this would be a OK answer, but I specifically paid for the product to be delivered “OVERNIGHT”.

I said WHAT!, what are you talking about, I paid for OVERNIGH!. Now I am in the store when I made the phone call with the manager next to me. He is just about as shocked as I am. I asked the person on the line, what part of OVERNIGHT SHIPPING do you not understand. Well, she told me that we have 1 -2 business days to process the order, and then 1 -2 business days to deliver the order. I said, but I paid for OVERNIGHT Shipping does that mean anything to you. Well, she stated, I placed my order on Thursday evening, we have until Monday to allow our warehouse to get the product ready to be shipped and then we have 1 to 2 business days to send the product to the store.

So, I told person nicely, since I was in the store that you need to remove the OVERNIGHT Shipping option from you website- BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT OPTION. She tried to explain to me that the policy for shipping overnight allows them 1-2 business days to prepare the order in the warehouse after 1 day to process the order. She then offered to remove the shipping fees as an effort to ease the pain, but as I explained to her, the cost of the shipping and the product was not as important as having the product here on Saturday morning.

After she removed the shipping fees, I asked again “when will the product show up at the store”, now it was for sure Wednesday or Thursday, maybe Friday next week. I said that you got to be kidding. Did you remove my priority shipping status by removing my shipping costs - Oh No, not at all. I told her obviously Radio Shack has a real logistics proble.

Then to top it all off, she wanted to know since it was going to be Father's Day on Sunday that they had a tool kit, would I be interested purchasing it for $34.99 - I said, "Sure, when can I expect that to arrive - Labor Day Weekend" - NO I am not interesting in buying anything else from you. I asked the gal if she was just crazy or what. You just screwed me on a delivery of a product and then you want me to BUY something else – give me a break Radio Shack.

God, I hope Radio Shack recorded that conversation; this is the one that the CEO needs to hear and then ask himself / herself if she would buy anything from such a micky mouse e-store operation.

Warning, Warning, Warning if you need something please do not use this site for purchasing anything and for God Sake do not waste your money on expedited shipping - they have a strange definition of "OVERNIGHT".


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