Racetrac / night manager danineshia not to sure how to spell her name..

Pompano Beach, FL, United States

I come to this gas station every time to purchase gas this is the only gas station I use because it is near my house regardless of how busy it is and regardless of the traffic I still always go to this gas station there was a young lady who was working tonight my guess she started from this morning and [censored] ended tonight she worked a double shift. You can tell that she had a very carzy long day and was very tired it look like she was exhausted but she did not complain about the work she did she took ownership in the fact that she worked as she's here she's working now on the other hand the night manager Dionysia how ever you pronounce her name or spell it she decided to be very unprofessional with this young lady was waiting on the day printout to close out her draw I'm guessing but the manager had A-line there was at least 8 people ahead of me and she decided to proceed yo get slick out the mouth with the young lady and tried to argue with the employee who was waiting to close out her a drawer .. the manager decided to put more attention to the employee instead on put all that energy into getting your lines cleared but NO she proceeded to argue with this young lady you kept saying disrespectful slick Commons back to her and yet she was the one that was there since this morning to night and you just got in and started your ship and you felt the need to be very unprofessional... the young lady ignored her and was talking to a customer and the manger proceeded to Jump in that convo and start with her AGAIN ... I have been coming to this gas station for over 3 years and I have never seen a manager act like that there is no way you should get unprofessional and disrespectful to an employee especially not an employee who has worked to shoes she proceeded to ignore you and you contained such a antagonize her and go at the her in provoker but if that employee would have gave you a response that she would not have liked she would have tried to Fire that employee... That manager was so wrong on many different levels especially violating that employee right you should not have disrespected her and barrister argued with her and full of a role full of customers and instead of you proceeding to check your at your put customers you proceeded to argue with employee who was waiting to get off I would really like if someone investigate that and open up the case because that is not right I felt Brad for that young lady I was embarrassed for that young lady because I've been in those shoes before you when I was so employee but as a manager you start to realize regards of how much leverage you have underneath you don't treat anyone belittle or below you

Oct 28, 2018

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