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When I was trying to get internet service from Qwest I spoke to four different agents and each of them said that the previous agent was wrong and that the agent I was speaking with was correct. I got four different answers and none of them were correct.

I was told that I would get a modem sent to my new address and that I wouldn't need to be home. Then I was told that I needed to be home and that the installer would bring a modem with him. Then I was told that the last agent shouldn't have canceled my order and that I would have a modem sent to my home yet I would need to be there to sign for the package from UPS. UPS left one modem on my porch and another modem on the porch of my previous address and no one signed for either. An old neighbor called me and said there was a package from Qwest sitting on the porch for a few days. I recently had a stroke so I had a friend drive me there to pick it up. Both modems were not the correct one.

I called and spoke with a "Supervisor" who did finally send me the correct modem but told me that all I had to do was take the packages to a UPS store and tell them that I refused the shipment. I asked if I needed a return label and she assured me that I didn't. I had another friend drive me to two UPS stores (the only two in my town) and both told me that they do not accept packages to be returned.

I called again and was told that a UPS agent would come to my home between 10:00 and 2:00 to pick up the packages. Of course no one showed up and I called back that night at 9:30 pm and another "Supervisor" told me that UPS would still be there that night. Of course I knew that he was lying.

I called again and spoke with another "Supervisor" and was told that she would call me back which of course she still hasn't. I spoke to another "Supervisor" and was told that I had to wait on the phone while she contacted UPS. I explained that I was using a cell phone and was already over on minutes trying to talk to someone from Qwest and she refused to help me. I also had to stay home from work waiting for an installer who never showed up and a UPS guy who never showed up. I am out over $200 and I still have to pay overage fees to try to get this resolved.

Each agent and "Supervisor" told me that even though every mistake was Qwest's fault, I would be responsible to have the modems returned because I picked them up off of the porch even though I never signed for them. They told me that they would charge me for modems that I didn't want, didn't ask for and never signed for even though they won't let me return them. I feel like I'm on Candid Camera or in an Abbot & Costello routine. Why am I responsible for their mistakes that they won't take care of? They won't let me return them!

Of course they lied about the price and the commitment terms when I ordered it. While on hold for most of the time I keep hearing about Qwest's award winning spirit of service. I find that hard to believe. The mistakes made should not have happened and even after the first mistake one call should have gotten everything resolved. Qwest agents go through intensive training, so they say, yet they don't know what they are talking about nor how to do their job. Then they blame the customer for their mistakes. After all the mistakes they make they have the nerve to tell customers that they are locked into a commitment and will be charged for canceling their service. Amazing!

Save yourself some aggravation and spend a little extra for service from someone else. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.


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      Jul 06, 2009

    i have been dealing with qwest's horrible customer service for years now. they have mixed my account up w/ 2 other peoples and tried to charge me for their fees. just got it to where i don't have top call once a mo, to get the modem rental fee off since i own mine, horrible- horrible - nasty csr's that are just plain rood ( a few really nice ones also, but mainly rood) i would transfer service if i could, but they are the only phone co here, and they handle my dtv, cell, net, and phone, ..
    FYI- just be prepared for allot of headaches dealing with qwest!

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