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On Nov 16th we went to our local Qwest kiosk because my teen-age daughter's cell phone had quit working, we had a family plan on our cellphones even though we hadn't used the second phone in over a year, we still had a contract, they said they no longer had cellphones because they are in the process of switching cellphones to Verizon, but to call the business office and have the phones seperated and then come back and they would then switch (migrate) my daughter's phone. So I called and they seperated the phones and I went back to the kiosk on the 18th and Julie switched the phone for us and promised the new phone would be delivered no later than 7pm on the 20th. It didn't. So I called back out to the kiosk and Julie said she would check on it and get back to me first thing tomorrow, she didn't.When I called to find out about the phone I talked to Steve and he said that as far as he could tell the phone had not been ordered but he was not sure to call back and talk to Julie so I tried. I then spoke to someone named Freddy who told me that as far as he could tell the phone had not been ordered but he could do so at that time, but I might end up with 2 phones if by some chance the phone had been ordered at that point I requested that the order be cancelled "if it had by some chance been ordered" We then ordered a phone directly from Verizon. At this point I called on the 24th and reduced my minutes as I wouldn't be using any more minutes with Qwest. Then I received a bill 2 seperate bills 1 for my house phone, and 1 cellphone and 2nd one for the 2nd cell phone the 1st bill was 88.00 and the second bill was 198.90. because they changed the minutes on the phone the day I inquired about splitting the phones I was seriously over the minutes (they dropped them to 200 which is what I requested on the 24th not the 18th) After 2 hours on the phone they refused to do anything about the bill, when my contract is up in February I will never have another phone or any other service through Qwest.

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  •   Jul 18, 2008
    Qwest Communications - no delivery
    Qwest Communications
    United States

    I moved to a rental house in Bellevue from Bothell on 1-Jun. On Tue 16-Jun I called Qwest to order a land line/DSL bundle. They said that there was already an active line (from the previous renter)but promised they would call my landlord, take care of it and that both services would be up and running on Friday the 19th. Friday I get the DSL modem in the mail. I hook it up but it does not work. I hook up a phone to the line and it works, but when I call my cell it comes up as a different number than I was promised. Also the long distance does not work. Saturday night I call Qwest. They say that they can't hook up the line until the customer calls to disconnect the existing line. No one, including the landlord, knows who or where on Earth the guy on the account is (the name doesn't match the person on the previous lease). For the second time I give them my landlord's phone number and for the second time they say they'll call him and get permission to remove the ac!

    tive line.

    Monday rolls around. Still no service, so I call in the morning. They tell me that they cannot make outgoing calls so I have to call the landlord to have him call Qwest. I refuse, telling them it is not my problem, they've broken their promise and it's really their problem anyway. Monday evening I call again, finally get to a person who again takes my landlord's number and ABSOLUTELY ASSURES me that he'll have me up and running by end of day tomorrow, and he'll take care of everything. I was so ecstatic I told him if he gave me his address I'd send him twenty bucks and a thank you card.

    Nope. Nothing.

    Thursday the 24th and I call in the morning. Again they tell me they cannot make outgoing calls to contact my landlord. After over TWO HOURS on the phone with them, they finally call my landlord and add him to the conversation. He cannot do much except confirm that I am the official renter and he doesn't have a clue who the person on the existing account is. I am also told that the person owes them over $800. So, basically, I ask them: So you WON'T turn the phone off of someone who not only doesn't live here and you cannot find but owes you money, and at the same time, you won't turn on my service that you promised and I WANT to give you money.

    While on the phone with them, they attempted to call the old renter and left a message. At the end of the conversation it was made clear to both my landlord and I that a)if they hear back from the old renter they will immediately turn off his service and turn mine on, or b) if they don't hear from him in three days, they will put some kind of order on the account (apparently closing it) and ten business days later my service will be activated, so the latest date would be the 15th of July. Also, the DSL line will take three extra days after that. The next day the existing line was shut off.

    Now it is the 18th and no service. It's been over a month.

    Verizon also offers land lines and DSL to my house address but I'm apparently, despite being a mile (line of sight) from a major Microsoft campus in Bellevue, in a dead zone. I've had their service since 1999 and currently have three cell lines with them, but they refuse to fix the dead zone. Naturally, I cannot in good faith reward them with more business, especially when the only reason I'm getting a land line is because there's no cell service there. So I am completely without communications at this address. Now I am on an extended trip for work and I can't even talk to my girlfriend at home.

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      Dec 03, 2009
    Qwest Communications - made a mistake
    Qwest Communications
    United States

    QWEST recently made a mistake. Their employee did not log the information in our account and they cut off our service before the deadline we had to pay.

    Granted we did owe them money. We were told our service would not be cut off until a Monday. So we were frantically finding the money since my husband no longer had a job to pay our bills. We had the money coming in on Friday which is before Monday so that I could call in a payment. I did not want to call in a check that I didn't have money in the bank. Trying to do the right thing (not writing checks before the money was in the bank).

    When I found our service had been cut-off before Monday I contacted QWEST to restore our service till that date. They needed to keep their word, it would not be cut-off till Monday not on Wednesday 5 days before. Of course we have absolutely no other choice but QWEST and they have no way of logging complaints except writing to Executive Office at 1801 California, Suite 5200, Denver, CO. 80202. But that is not going to restore my phone so my husband can receive job interviews and we can pay our bills on time again.

    I am done with companies who bully you. They have no competition so they can treat you anyway they want. The only way they would restore my phone was if I made a partial payment on the day the cut off my phone. I told them I don't have the money in the bank for a partial payment. I would give them full payment on Friday which is when my husband and I would have our money in the bank. I even offered to write a post dated check for Friday. I could have given a partial payment on the phone but it was the principal of the issue. They needed to finally step up to the plate and follow through with what they told us. They needed to apologize, restore our services till the date they said it would shut-off and to please make a payment otherwise our service would be discontinued.


    Take my post dated check on Friday when my money would be in the bank to pay them fully. Not a partial payment today to bully me into paying them. I was being bullied by the Credit department and I've had it with QWEST treating their customers anyway they feel and no place for me to complain.

    No proof that who I was talking to on the phone was a Manager or Supervisor. Anyone can do anything they just chose to bully me and could care less.

    I have already called them twice today and I will continue to call till they get me someone who will take care of the situation.

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