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DO NOT BUY FROM was a loyal customer for 15years at least. Have a lot of jewelry, household products, clothing products
etc spent tens of thousands over the years. Then I order garden plants a few years ago. They all arrived dead. I called customer service and offered to send all these dead plants shipped way earlier than they should have been. Customer service told me that they don't accept perishable items back to just throw them out. Shockingly, I ordered a different type item in Spring on was told my account had been suspended for too many returns of perishable items. I explained that these items arrived dead and I would have been happy to return them for evidence if necessary. It was a pain to have all these boxes to bundle up and dead plants in the garbage.
Then about a week later I got a letter from QVC Headquarters telling me I will permanently be bared from shopping with them.
I was angry, but never looked at there shows again. A few weeks ago (after 3 years) a friend of mine, a Jewelry designer had her showing on QVC. I called customer service and ordered a very special piece. They opened a new account for me and gave me a new customer member number. The next time I looked at my order status I couldn't access my account (account suspended was written across the top of the screen). I had also order a small item that I did receive and naturally was billed for. So, when my friend was on again I ordered an item no longer available for my birthday present. The order went through and I put a few other items on a wish list.
The next day I went to check when my item might ship. Once again, Account Suspended!
So much for self proclaimed Great Customer Service. How can you have a double standard. Items are returnable with no questions asked thirty day guarantee for some customers not all. SHAME ON YOU, QVC are thieves.

Feb 14, 2013
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  • Pp
      16th of Dec, 2014
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    I think that there are a lot of people today who are out to get something for nothing. I agree that QVC used to have good quality merchandise but now a days, all stores have poor quality merchandise for very high prices. Everyone is out to get your money for the least that they can give you. QVC has to turn a profit somehow and they do this by selling the items that are sent back and used by some customers to other customers as NEW when they are not. I have ordered several items that were clearly used (handbags with hair brushes left inside) and I had to return them. I don't know what other people carry in their purses and I don't want any diseases from them. I think that their refund policy needs to be changed and that people need to be more honest and not soooo greedy. If an item has been used, it cannot be returned (just as brick and mortar stores do). Buy only what you can afford and need. I don't think that anyone needs multiples of the same item and I see a lot of people ordering several of the same item. They use them for 30 days and return them to be sold to some other poor unsuspecting person. I have ordered food from QVC and only once did I have to call and that was due to the USP man sitting the package in an ant hill. If you don't like the food when you order it, don't call and say it was bad to get a refund, just be more selective in what you order. Stop making in hard for the people who do try to do things the honest way.

  • Do
      16th of Dec, 2014
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    You don't sound like a whiner, which is atypical of this site. The fact that you offered an immediate return of perishable items would only serve to strengthen your case. However, it is reasonable to assume that a dedicated horticulture vendor is a better idea than using QVC, which by connotation alone reeks of substandard garbage. Good luck.

  • Jo
      20th of Aug, 2016
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    I was told I return too many items from QVC and also that if you cancel something (to avoid their exorbitant shipping fees coming and going), it counts as a return. Ordered a Calista Tools brush that got stuck in my hair after it grew back subsequent to chemo and had to get it all cut off again -- they conveniently lost the product that I sent back so it could not be examined. I have received broken jewelry, a Dooney & Bourke bag that looked like it was run over by a car, and plants that were dead before planting. Besides that, I purchased a $600 foam bed that lasted less than a year and I had to pay for it, a printer that didn't work right and a $400 inversion table, but I guess that's all forgotten. Maybe I should have ordered food, ate it all and got a credit without even sending it back as I am sure many people do. I have had a balance every month on my Qcard but they are not satisfied with a good paying customer -- the Qcard bank just upped my credit limit because I have stellar credit -- oh well, I guess they would rather sell to people who buy everything, keep it no matter what and don't pay their bill (or have to be dunned to pay it). I am tired of their policies and their smiley hosts who tell you that you can return it "Love it or send it back" -- total BS -- also, I wonder what will become of all those Wen girls who have a class action lawsuit for losing their hair when QVC is still selling it. God forbid your hair falls out and you send it back!

  • Ba
      28th of May, 2018
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    I got a QVC account and I moved, I had to change banks because ours was not supported in Texas. I tried notifying everyone that my banking account had changed it took two or more weeks to get checks and credit card, They did not want to hear it. I paid off what I owed and forgot about it.

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