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Quiznos Subs / TV commercial advertisement

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I was recently watching television last night when I saw this commercial advertising 12 foot long sandwiches at Quizno's restaurants. I wasn't paying much attention until something did indeed catch my attention. There was some seriously distasteful sexual innuendos exhibited in this advertisement. What really drew my attention was the oven telling the employee to "put it in me", as well as it telling the employee to "say it in a sexy voice" over and over again. This commercial was made in bad taste and deems very offensive material to viewers. I am the mother of a 10 year old and thankfully he was not awake to see this nor would I appreciate this advertisement to be aired on local and public television for anyone to watch. Granted the commercial was aired late at night at about 10:15 pm when most children are in bed, but that does not mean it offends other viewers.
Furthermore, this is a food establishment. Since when do food companies need to use sexual topics and innuendos to advertise their business? I am completely disgusted at this commercial. I find it gross and immature. I will never be contributing my business, time, nor my money, especially, to this company again.

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  • Jg
      12th of May, 2009
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    hmmm, I saw the commercial and it didn't bother me. The voice of the oven reminded me of "Hal" from Space 2001. Guess it depends on the viewpoint. Seemed more silly than anything else.

  • Sh
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree! I found it equally repulsive and offensive. Just because they say that "sex sells" doesn't mean that any company should stoop low to gain more business. As far as I am concerned they've lost mine.

    UGH disgusting... and I'm 23 so yes, I am distastefully disappointed.

  • Ty
      15th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am an employee at quiznos. I have a very big complaint. I hate the torpedo with a passion. i think it is the dumbest marketing scheme ever divised. if i could find the person who had the brilliant idea of the torpedo i would love to slap them across the face with a chibata bread. i dont know what else to say about that. as for the commercial making homosexual comments, For christ sake. cry me a river get over yourselves you bunch of homofobes.

  • Ro
      29th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Is your company going downhill that bad that you hire idiots to advertise your product of food with cats??? WTF????????? Do you you need help to advertise your product? I have not tried your product, but with the cat food ad I wouldn't go near a furball company.

  • Iv
      30th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    Jessica are you not guilty of making use of a cucumber italian or japanese, bananas or mexican maduros in your lifetime? if you are not guilty, you may throw the first stone and if you are, stay home and enjoy the footlong torpedo.

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