Quiktripdisrespectful employee, degrading, discriminating

An Glendale, AZ Review updated:

Ok i just found out about this recently but apparently a good friend of mine went into the Quik Trip in Glendale at Glendale and 67th Avenue and a man who was later identified as a manager by the name of Jeffrey Todd harassed her and made fun of her to the point that she is still depressed and refuses to go in convenient stores.

heres the story she went into the QT convenient store a few weeks ago and this man had been following her and she didn't think anything at first but then when she got to the register it appeared that the man may have over charged her so she went right back into the store and politely asked him why she was overcharged and he mumbled something and gave her a dollar back so she then proceeded to go back out to her vehicle to leave and this man followed her out to her vehicle and moo'd at her and made other animal noises until she started crying he then told her not to cry that "she was only eating her ancestors" referring to the hot dog she had purchased, she asked him what his problem was and he continued making animal noises and looked past her and into her vehicle and even stood in her way preventing her from closing the door as he continued to harass her at one point even making fun of her weight and referring to her as being fat the girls mom who was with her was shocked and told her to just get in the car at that point, the girls mother in law (whom was not with her) returned to the store and confronted the man whom immediately said that he had a witness and called another employee to the front of the store and began telling the girls mother in law that he felt that he needed to follow her because she put ketchup and mustard on the hotdog in a manner that was consistent with concealing the hot dog he also told her that the district manager would be in on monday and that they would be pursuing this issue as a legal issue... the mother in law asked him to explain what the legal issue was and he said that without looking at the tape he didnt specifically know.The girl immedietely called the police to report the act then the girl herself called the store and talked to a girl named "ashley" whom claimed to be the manager and said that the situation was unfortunate but she didnt know anything about it and didnt know what to tell her, shortly after the girl hung up with "ashley" at the store, a man called her back saying his name was "jeff" and that "QT" was going to be suing her for a hotdog and asked how it would look for a girl as fat as her to appear in court over a hotdog lawsuit, he then laughed at her and told her that she should go lose weight. The glendale police did go into the store that night and contact the guy but i dont know what happened from there.

okay now i just found out about this recently but im upset because just to give everyone some history on my friend (the girl this happened to) she has alot of health problems and recently had a stroke and is not doing well as a matter of fact she may not have long to live and for this POS to talk to her like that is just out of line im so pissed! And the "witness" that he said witnessed the whole thing was the "ashley chee" girl who answered the phone and said she didnt know anything about it.

I dont want to cause my friend any further emotional harm from this but we ARE in america, since when can someone act like that? That man should have been arrested!

My friend contacted QT headquarters and another employee also said he emailed someone about it, as of yet my friend has not heard back from them, the police department also attempted to contact someone and got no response.

  • Elvin Mema's Response, Oct 07, 2018

    QuikTrip restrooms one is filthy and nasty and the other one is out of service. Advise the employee in the front they didn't care the only word she said it was okay! Terrible attitude

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  • Qu
      Nov 02, 2010

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  • Ka
      Aug 14, 2018
    QuikTrip Corporation - Woman’s bathroom
    St. Louis
    United States

    Worst woman's bathroom conditions ever seen at a QuikTrip in St Louis MO. Filthy, overflowing trash and sanitary trash containers. Never have I seen anything like this at a QuikTrip. I understood they pride themselves on cleanliness...This store is at Hampton and Elizabeth avoid it...

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  • Ca
      Aug 21, 2018
    Quiktrip - A rude employee
    United States

    A while back I was buying a Red Bull from the store and an employee jake I believe was very rude not only to me but to his fellow employees . This isn't the first time I've noticed him being an [censored] . Just know I wasn't very pleased with my service and most likely won't be coming here anymore .

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  • El
      Oct 14, 2018
    QuikTrip Corporation - Filthy restrooms nasty!
    Forest hill tx
    United States

    QuikTrip restrooms one is filthy and nasty and the other one is out of service. Advise the employee in the front they didn't care the only word she said it was okay! Terrible attitude

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  • Cl
      Nov 11, 2018
    Quiktrip - fountain drink
    United States

    I just stopped at Quiktrip #00786 Buford Hwy. the ice in the drink had so much mold in it you could taste it. I threw out the drink as soon as I stopped. I don't know when or if the ice machines have been cleaned.
    thank you,
    c. l. phillips

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  • Pu
      Nov 12, 2018
    Quiktrip - Panhandlers
    United States

    I have stopped a quick trip store in the tulsa area for years but no more, at every store there are panhandlers from kids to adults and it has gotten to the point that they get aggressive and talk crap if you don't give them money I wouldn't let my wife stop at them and would encourage all women to be very careful! Losing a daily customer here !

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  • De
      Nov 14, 2018
    Quiktrip - Rude Clerks
    United States

    I was at the store on I-20 and Houston School Rd early this morning. Me and other people was getting coffee. The clerk was coming around between people with a huge trash can being rude and cussing at us for being in his way. I don't know if y'all allowed them to talk rudely but I didn't appreciate nor respect that young man to us like he did.

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  • Ol
      May 05, 2019
    Quiktrip - Customer Service
    664 N Anderson Rd. Rock Hill, SC 29730
    United States

    Very rude and abusive customer service for every dollar of your money. The food is really artery clogging and unhealthy as well. Do you all like black or brown people? Some of the cashiers act very racist. If QuikTrip wants to be segregated they should just say that and not treat certain people as inferior.

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  • Te
      Jun 29, 2019
    QuikTrip Corporation - Dress code
    United States

    Alejandro at the quiktrip on Shiloh Road at Beltline shorts were too short and dirty on the back.

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  • Ch
      Aug 05, 2019
    QuikTrip Corporation - Breakfast
    Harrisburg NC
    United States

    Went in to buy a breakfast burrito this morning and when I finally got to eat it, it was all tortilla and very little filling(less than McDonald's which is a dollar).Usually I'm happy with the food I get at QT but for $3.20 and this small I was very disappointed.


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  • Pa
      Sep 21, 2019

    Again to the quiktrip corporation: what are you going to do about this in your stores and corporation to end racism and disrespect? no justice no peace! no justice no peace!

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  • Pa
      Sep 21, 2019

    By the way my great grandmothers on both sides where mixed so that you could not tell if they were white or black! now moving forward in 2019 even today my godmother is white. no justice no peace! I thank god for my parents for not teaching me racism and hate toward others! I thank you, god for making me not to see color just lovely human beings.

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  • Rc
      Sep 28, 2019
    QuikTrip Corporation - The pumpkin machine is down
    Rock hill sc
    United States

    I am upset that your pumpkin spice coffee machine isnt working every where else I see around town has there's working. This qt is the closest one to me, i have to drive 45 min just to get to it. This is not good business when the coffee machines dont work and the cold weather is coming.

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