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Quicken Loans / advance fees

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My wife had filled out on line that we were looking to refinance and consolidate, which quicken loans responded her conversation with gregg scott on 9/11/08 he had talked her into a loan, that did not fit our needs, and had her put an adavce fee down of $350.00 to secure the loan interest rate at that time. Now here in lies the problem. A: my wife used my credit card to do so, without my knowledge. B: at no time did scott gregg say this was non_refundable, something my wife would have come to me at that time for my input. C: papers were filled out by quicken loans on my behalf, without my consent d: after I became involved I talked to scott gregg and told him that I didn't feel the loan was in our best interest and notified by e-mail and voice mail. E: scott gregg left me to believe that I could get my monies back and referred me to nick in customer service, at which time nick told me I wasn't going to get my money back.
Now I am asking you, to do what you can to prevent this from happing to other people in the future, and am wondering if I have any other recourse.
Thanks for your time

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  • Su
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    I have just gotten off the phone with Nicholas Castle from the customer complaint department. He informed me that I would not be getting my full $750.00 deposit back from Quicken Loans. There was you see no way to prove my claim that Brad Schiffin assured me that the money would be refunded to me if the loan didn’t go thru. I feel that every one in the company continued to course me into going thru with this loan. Not until I spoke with Heather did she inform me that only some of the money would be returned. I’m still out $375.55 which I can’t afford. The whole point in approaching Lending Tree and then with Quicken loans was to get some relief with my financial commitments. You’re company has now added to my burden.

    My loan was denied because the appraiser under valued my home. One house in my neighborhood was flipped. All the other houses listed on his appraisal were for $240, 000.00 or more. No one would dispute this for me at Quicken and now there are houses listed in my neighborhood for much more than their appraisal of my house and the houses are not comparable in size.

    My surprise came when after speaking with Nicholas I Googled complaints about Quicken Loans… my amazement (not really) there were more than 5 websites I could have visited and each one had letters written from more than 10 people. The complaints were all very similar to mine all the letter writers were told the same thing while they were pushed to provide a credit card so the application fee could be charged. THE MONIES WOULD BE REFUNED IF THE LOAN DIDN’T GO THRU.

    The money I’m asking to be refunded is a small amount compared to the money Quicken Loans makes from lying and cheating people. Buyer beware should be posted on their web site. I was not willing to do anything risky with my credit or my home and Brad said he understood that and that going with Quicken would be safe. I must say it is safe for them but not the people who trust enough to believe what is told to them just to close a deal.

  • Ts
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    I have an identical experience...anyone want to tackle a class action suit or go to the news outlets to expose these guys fro the rip off artists that they are?

  • Pa
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    absolutely Nick Castle and Quicken Loans is screwing me out of 321.62 that they owe me. I am all up for a class action lawsuit against this company especially that little weasel mr castle.

  • Ot
      26th of Jul, 2010
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    Just got scammed in the past week. Was in a financial disaster before, now it's even worse. Thank you to Quicken and our fabulous government programs designed to help homeowners facing foreclosure !

  • He
      6th of Oct, 2010
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    I spoke with a Johnathan Smart at Quicken Monday 10/04/10, He told me to lock in the rate I needed to feel out the application. Tuesday I decided to research other companies. In doing so I found another company I wanted to go with. I called Jonathan and told him we were going with another company that wasn't making us pay $9, 200 in closing cost to buy down the rate. Johnathan informed me that we were on the hook for the $500.00 because I signed the paperwork. Is this legal. They didn't do a thing it hadn't even been 24 hours.

    Johnathan's cell number is 216-269-1910
    Feel free to call him ha ha

    The gentleman from the company we decided to work with, said this is an illegal practice. It violates RESPA laws. He said even if I signed the paperwork it is still illegal to withhold our $500 because no service was provided.

    FHA, needs to revoke their rights to do business. but you know they pay off alot of politians both Dem and Repug to keep them looking the other way.

    My Prayer is that the people who work for Quicken Choke on the money they steal from people.

  • Ji
      8th of Jun, 2011
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    I just got scammed for $500.00. Nick Cliff at Quicken Loans told me after reviewing all my numbers that I should qualify with no problems. My appraisal came in a little low but it was still a go. When the appraisal co. told Quicken that I heat my home with wood along with a propane monitor backup, they denied my loan because I use wood heat up here in the Sierra Nevada mountains. They took my $500. This is a crime.

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