Quest Diagnostics / unsanitary environment during blood work

Long Beach, CA, United States

My husband went in for blood work at the Long Beach, CA location on Downey Ave at 7:30am. He was called at approximately 8:25am. The man doing the bloodwork was sniffling and rubbing his dripping nose while inputting my husbands information and the the worker grabbed gloves to proceed to draw blood from my husband. I dameanded he wash his hands and throw away the contaminated glove box before touching my husband to draw blood. I want this documented because of my husband catches an infection from your employees unsanitary work ethics I will sue for medical malpractice. I told the office manager and she didn't seem concerned. I've alre told my lawyer about this incident and I'm appauled that a medical facility isn't more careful as to avoid unsanitary situations.

Sep 25, 2018

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