Quest Diagnostics / poor customer service/hippa violation

Yonkers, NY, United States

This morning 10/13/18, my 9 year old son and i visited Quest Diagnostic located at 970 North Broadway in Yonkers New York. My son was anxious about getting his blood drawn as many children his age and younger are.We were paired with Deanna one of the phlebotomist on staff.
When we walked in, not only did she not introduce herself but provided no privacy for my son. However, i stated my son was anxious as he was scared of needles and had not have lab drawn for a while. My son began sobbing, screaming, tensing up and pulling away out of fear. Instead of being compassionate and understanding his valid fear, her response was"I have a bad back and i am not going to let you send me to the hospital" as result Deanna was unable to perform the blood draw and we were asked to wait in the waiting room until he calms down.
After 5 minutes we were asked back he continued being fearful. Again no privacy was provided as the other customer across the hall spoke through the open door and addressing my son by name in an attempt to calm him. As a healthcare professional myself. I was appauld that he was offer no privacy as these individuals stared at him from across the hall violating his HIPPA rights.
Again Deanna was more focus on her self instead of being empathetic towards a fearful child. "Mom i am not going to hurt myself or your child so, i don't know what to tell you." In a situation like this it is not what you say but how you said it. I was saddened that this individual whom come in contact with persons of different age groups was so belittling.At that point we left the location and decided to go to another location.
We went to Bronx Boulevard, Bronx NY on the same day where the experience was complete opposite. We met Marlene who was nothing but exceptional. Within a few minutes she was to build a trusting relationship with my son . We were offered privacy and lab drawn in less than 5mins.
Quest Diagnostic needs more employees like Marlene who has the skill set to meet the needs of fearful children like my son without intensifying the fear or suggesting a child is too big to act that way as with what Deanna did.
Thank You Marlene for changing my mind about Quest Diagnostics.

Oct 13, 2018

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