Quest Diagnostics Oaks 01/11/2019 / sloppy procedures

Oaks Pa., United States

The phlebologist was not ready to do the procedure seemed totally unprepared kept opening and closing the cabinet drawing looking for bottles where the hell is the rack with bottles. Touching surfaces it not allowed for in a procedure. I guess you don't ever wash the hands even if you were asked, right? How do I know someone did not poop and then draw my blood there's no one there to oversee the operation. 2 When you go through a vein completely you carefully back and if you don't see blood you pull it and start some where else even a junkie know that much. You don't ream it sideways, up and down and in and out, because, you pierced it and it has to recover. You start some where else. Why don't you send your employee to a shooting gallery and watch the junkies so you can learn how to get it right. Now I don't what desease you have spread to me and I need a lawyer, why not. I think everyone should get a letter that received blood on 01/11/2019 at Oaks the regular girl is off and you put someone who is probably very scared and nervous and that's really shame but what about us. So think about about it tonight when go for steak at longhorn the cook goes and takes a nice bowl movement and put a swish, swish of hand sanitizer the picks up that steak and moves it around plate with his fingers. Oh wait, he required to wash his hands but Quest is not.

Jan 11, 2019

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