Quality Inn / reservation

United States

Had a reservation at the quality inn in Pensacola FL. on pine forest rd. stopped by hotel to see if we could check inn early but room wasn't ready and offered to pay for it worker said to just wait till we got in that night to take care of it. Also was told a late check in would be no problem. Noticed on my phone that i had a call from the hotel at 5:55 pm with no message called them at midnight and was told the card was declined so they went ahead and give our room to someone else. Girl told us they called twice and left messages which was not true and was told by lady on the first time we stopped by that our reservation was good until 7 am the next morning. Got offered a room for 200 dollars when our original reservation was for a 147 dollars. Supervisor was the one who cancelled our reservation on his own. Not a good way to deal with customers was going to pay cash all along and one person tells you one thing and other does something else. Have stayed at this hotel before and guess it is time to stay somewhere else in the future.

Jul 24, 2016

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