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It all started by 2 missing items in the leg and plinth kit, to go with the 800 x 900 shower tray purchased. As it was a couple of items missing I got in touch with the company, to ask if they would post me the missing items essential for the attaching the shower tray. They replied and said they didn't stock the kits and wouldn't be able to do so but instead arranged to collect the kit (foc, which they did). Well a few weeks later with emails in between to say they are still awaiting for the item to come in, I get an email stating my order is ready to be shipped. Well things turned very sour after this, I received it alright! A 1700 x 1000 leg and plinth set not even in a box! to go with my 800 x 900 shower tray purchased with them. BUT it just gets better than this, it looks like it had been battered around a warehouse, it is scratched, filthy and husband noticed it had splits either side of plinth. It does not even look remotely new and I am supposed to accept it! I keep getting told this is the correct item sent and it needs cutting down to size! Excuse me??? I emailed again to tell them the wrong one had been dispatched also about the poor condition it is in. They just did not get it or acknowledge at all with yet only another reply, the correct one has been sent out you, it just need to cut it down to size! This is not acceptable, this is not what we ordered and we ordered new. We expected a fair exchange, like for like. This is not what we were expecting. . They are highly rude with no consideration at all to after sales/customer services which people like us spent good money with them and keeping them in business. I am going to approach Trading Standards regarding this on principal and hopefully have them investigated, especially after reading so many other complaints. They very much lack any professional standard and who ever is behind responding to the emails should be sacked! How anyone gets away with the attitude is beyond me, and perhaps some customer service training would not go amiss at all. We are not accepting sub standard goods we paid for. (Our current shower plinth is in better condition than this, we could cut that down, but isn't what we wanted). We know they come in the size 900 x 800 as they originally sent one out. If they couldn't supply, they should have notified us and not sent out us a "this will do job", which is no good to us what so ever. It honestly looks Iike I have got someone else's rejects that have been kicked about a warehouse. Would you accept it? NO. I will upload a photo of the"Brand new" plinth, packaged (not) and the proof, this is not brand new and showing the dirty with scratches and splits either side of panel. Def a reject. I am very frustrated with this company. So do what I am doing in future, STEER CLEAR AND AVOID!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!

QS Supplies
QS Supplies
QS Supplies

Jun 16, 2015

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