QS Supplies / Goods paid for but not Sent.

Leicester, England, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
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I bought a full bathroom set from QS supplies on 31/05/11 order no: QS-181075. When i opened the pallet up i discovered that the basin tap, Lauren Series 170 Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap, was missing. I contacted them straight away to be told that it had definatly been packed, ie it was MY FAULT...! After several more emails and phone calls a few weeks later they told me out of their 'goodwill' they would send me a replacement. A few days later and no sign of replacement i rang again, this time i was told that the tap i had originally ordered was OUT OF STOCK and to chose another one. (the tap that was definatly packed was out of stock...!) On 24/06/11 I choose the Lauren series 170 Mono mixer QS-V45031 instead to match the bath taps, was told that this would be delivered in 3-5 days. 1 week later i ring again to say no sign of tap and was given a tracking no for HDNL couriers. I ring them and they tell me that the tracking no is not long enough and they have no record of it... I have tried ringing QS Supplies several times to ask for a manager, they always seem to be out to lunch (who's running these cowboys...?) they have been lying to me from the start, they have taken my money and not sent the goods. I run a bathroom design and fitting company and have lost a client because of this and i expect a full refund of the price of the tap £33 + VAT and of the TOTAL shipping £110 + VAT. If not i am quite happy to take these idiots all the way for fraud and potential loss of earnings.


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