QS SuppliesBath returned damaged still waiting for replacement

I ordered and paid for a spa bath which arrived i had it fitted an when it was tested the pump was cracked so a return was arranged by them they tried to say i damaged the enamel of the bath which i proved i hadn't they said they would reorder when i enquired they said whirlpool tested it and it too was damaged and another was being made then they said the wrong one had been delivered now they are not telling me anything i have been waiting since 30/10/2014 i emailed saying if the bath would not be ready by Monday gone the 19th jan i want my money back they did not reply on monday they emailed saying they are looking into it and will get back to me but so far nothing and i have had enough now its very inconvenient they wont do my bathroom until the bath comes to fit it first so i have to shower at work or at family s and couldn't have family for christmas with no bathroom please help sort this out

Jan 20, 2015

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