QOO10 / feel being cheated


I have placed an order to buy a Micro SD Card, Order number [protected], and it suppose from a South Korea (stated in their advertisement). However, when I checked on the shipping information and I found out it Actually from China. I did questioned the vendor but they just said if I am not happy then can refund. After I received the item and found out the Micro SD card is not functioning, and it just like those Fake product from China and totally not working. I feel being cheated and some need to send it back to the vendor and I borne all the courier cost to Singapore and Back to China but got nothing and just waste Money and time.
May I know How to react on this as I thought QOO10 should be a safe platform and us to buy things but End up still being cheated and feel not safe.
Can I take any action or i have to borne all the cost while i being cheated?


Jun 23, 2017

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