QOO10 / delivery fraud


I am frustrated with Qoo Delivery. Will never recommend using Qoo Delivery services. I paid additional price for private courier and this is what happened.

No calls from the delivery guys and never deliver parcel yet put up status delivery failed.

Worst ever delivery services. Called Qoo 28Jan but asked to check with Qexpress. I am using your portal and your guys asked buyers and sellers to do the tasks? Promised to revert back 29 Jan but in vain. Never received any calls from your customer service.

I always buy things from Qoo and have to always keep in mind about the parcel tracking ? Took off so much time and unpleasantness. I have to keep tracking and call Qoo customer service line. Spoke to another lady and promised to relate the issue to Manager and took my phone number and will revert back. But it's already sunset and yet received any from your "reliable" management.

Status reflected sending back to shipper. This is without any authorization from buyer. It's the flaws of the delivery operation. The parcel is delayed so long.

Causing a lot of hassles and unhappiness. Will divert my purchases with other portals. I have been using Qoo 4 yrs and getting these supports from your management? If there isn't any responses from you on this issue, I think this will be your company downfall. Your services is rated lowest.

Jan 29, 2019

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