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I have placed an order for a Premium Magnetic USB Charge Sun Cables via on the 09/01/2017 under cart no.[protected].

Till today, I have not receive the item at all??? I have checked the shipping info for the delivery status and it reflected that the item will take around 5-7 days to deliver to me but till today the item still have not deliver to me. It has already been 2weeks and I have not see the item yet.

This is the 1st time I encounter such a long time for my item to be deliver to me??? Moreover the item is from a local shop and not from overseas. I do not know why it take such a long time?????

Jan 24, 2017
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  • Sh
      18th of May, 2017
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    You'll see. They will send wrong item of your choice and then expect you to make extra effort to go down to exchange. Even when they sent spoiled items, the poor buyer have to be the one doing all the work. If you go down to the shop and see, some of the part timers are courteous. But if you kena the lao jiaos or the shop owner, ha! Bunch of Ah Bengs running hit-and0run business... They changed the shop name a few times because of their notorious reputation. And Qoo10 portal refuse to do anything about them! Because they bring in sales in volume, regardless how bad the customers suffers...

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  • Ko
      14th of Jul, 2017

    Bought the Armor-2 cable and found the charging speed ridiculous slow as compare to my original cable. The charging reading on my software application shows that this cable doesn’t charge beyond 1A.

    Seller mentioned that such application is not accurate and advised to drop by to their service centre as they have external USB meter for more accurate measurement. Fine, I went down to the service centre and the staff also yield the same result using this cable on her white Samsung phone (see pic). In fact the lady took another Armor-2 cable to try but also yield the same result. The lady actually mentioned that the charging rate is perfectly normal until I passed her my power-bank cable to test on her phone. The charging rate on the multi-meter show that the phone charging peak at 1700+ mA.

    Request to swap to another similar cable model or refund this cable but the staff said that I have to write my request to the seller on Qoo10 QPost platform. Isn’t this crazy!, I am already at the service centre but the staff cannot do anything to it. The staff mentioned that this is a redemption centre and they can’t do anything without seller instruction.

    After the service centre visit, I sent the photo that I took at service centre to seller . The immediate response from the seller is that staff’s Samsung phone is an old model which is capable of taking max of 1 A current so the reading 0.9-1A on the multi-meter is correct. Isn’t it crazy again!, if a customer is complaining slow charging and the staff actually use a non-quick-charge phone to test.

    Seller eventually keep mentioned that this is a 88c cable and if i am not happy i can return back the cable . Do you expect me to return to service centre 2nd time to refund the cable . They are basically playing out on the customers who want to refund or exchange.

    Avoid this seller at all cost

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  • Sh
      14th of Jul, 2017

    If the item description on Qoo10 is scam attempt, you can lodge a police report. Please do it. For the sake of many customers who had to suffer in silent because of chao ah beng attitude.

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  • Je
      7th of Sep, 2018

    Scam. Never send my order over. Yet got the cheek to demand proof.

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  • Ro
      2nd of Oct, 2018

    13 is confirmed a scammer shop located in Singapore. I ordered a pair of wireless earbuds from them and one side of the earbud was faulty without power from day 1 after receiving the item. I called them and they said i need to send in for repair. I went to their shop and ask again for 1 to 1 exchange but they said they have no stock even for such new item. So I have no choice but to send in for repair for over 3 months until now I still have no news from them. I called them again and they said repair have to send back to china and still not ready for collection and ask me to continue to wait for their call. Please DO NOT buy anything from this SCAMMER shop!

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  • Is
      7th of Dec, 2018

    Same here! I ordered a Xiaomi 20000mah powerbank with silicone case and a USB wall plug charger. They sent me a blue colour case when I already indicated black and they missed my usb wall plug charger. Initially they said they will post the next working day and I waited until a week but still no signs of my items. I asked again and they give stupid excuses as unpredictable delays and peak periods. They post it on the 25 Nov. What peak periods they're talking about?!? They told me to wait for another 14 days and still no delivery my items! When asked they said they will instead refund me for the wall charger provided only I posted to them back the wrong colour silicone case back to them and no self returns at service counter! 2 weeks just to deliver one missing item seriously??

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  • Ra
      3rd of Jan, 2019

    I ordered two items and they have delivered only one. Instead of attending to the issue, they just said theres nothing they could do. Piece of [censored] seller!

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  • Ji
      10th of Mar, 2019

    @rahoule What do you intend to do? I am having an issue with this seller too

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  • Ma
      28th of Mar, 2019

    @Jiesi Chua I ordered 4 items. They delivered only 2.

    I made a Qoo claim. I sent pictures etc etc. "Please upload the pictures of the items missing. Sorry for the inconvenience". 2 weeks later... they are still asking the same question. They want to wear you down. A bunch of crooks.

    I am also making a PalPay claim. Now, it isn't about the money! I am just du-lun about eh whole situation !!!

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