Qatar Airways / racist service

United Kingdom

I changed my date from june to september but with the same booking reference number (I just wanted to make that clear before any confusion). So flight from london to doha (Collaboration with ba) was fine. The service was good and everything else was good. But I cant say the same for the flight from doha to kathmandu. Let me start with the meal. Probably I was the last person to be served the meal on that flight. Which is fine. I dont mind being served last. But not being able to select the food you want, that I do mind. I was given a meal which I did not like it. So what happens if the person is vegetarian and you only have non vegetarian food left?? So I was given the food which I did not ask for, so obviously I did not eat it. So I wanted coffee instead as I got biscuit on me own. I have buzzed for flight attended and even told one of the air hostess, I never received anything at all. So next me were old british couple. I am asian btw. They were sitting next to me but got their meal way before me. They asked for glass of wine not once but twice. And they magically got it twice. Whereas I asked for coffee once and never got it. They even came to ask if they got their wines. So this left me feel like I was inferior to them. Like a person who didnt matter at all. I am asian but british, so do I actually have show my citizenship to get good service. I felt like I was racially looked upon and judged based on colour. Is this the service, qatar airways gives these days?? Based on race and colour??

Sep 25, 2017

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