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I Hasmukhbhai R Parekh, and My Wife Naynaben H Parekh. We were flying from Atlanta to India via Doha stop. Our Ticket Details as Below,
The Ticket Refrence No: JVKH27 (Qatar Airways)
Flight Number : QR756
Ticket Number : [protected]. (Hasmukhbhai R Parekh )
Ticket Number : [protected] (Naynaben Parekh)
Just like to let u know the Incident happen during flight in Air on the way from Atlanta to Doha with my wife (Naynaben Parekh).

She got burnt (2nd degree) on her right side of stomach to thighs due to very hot boiling water pour on to her while serving Tea.

The Air Hostess apologized but look like it was too late, as my wife was in too much pain due to heavy burn and we were 3 to 4 hours away to land in Doha. And she suffer in high pain all that time in journey. I have attached photo so please have a look.

As we landed in Doha Airport authority took her to airport medical facility in Doha. They treat her and did medical procedure and dressing and give her pain reliever, and they inform us it's 2nd Defree burn.and they give us paper work. Which is been attached as well.

So after I spoke to Qatar Airline staff management about this incident responsibility. Who will take care of this and they replied to me that Qatar Arline's is not responsible for this, we have to contact the agency which provide crew staff for Qatar Airlines. And I was in really Shock ... Really shock to hear this and very disappointed with Qatar airlines and Management.

As we have to take our connecting flight to India. As my wife was not able to walk so they drop us to the boarding gate in chair.

We board the flight and my wife was in pain and can't bear the pain.
As we landed in india I have to take my wife to hospital for dressing change and treatment and the doctor said she should not be walking or moving as she got burn on stomach to thighs.

We were actually going to India after 5 years for family function. For 4 week and we had our vacation book after the function. And I had to cancel all plans as doctor in india said she should not be walking at all. Complete bed rest.

So just like to know who is taking this incident responsibility and who is gonna compensate for my vacation trip and my wife burn and pain she is going through right now

Please find some attached photos and documents

Please feel free to contact me on this details

Email: [protected]
Phone: [protected]

I hope to hear from you ASAP

Yours Loyal customer

Hasmukhbhai Parekh

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Jul 28, 2018

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