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Both check in counter and flight attendance are ll Very racism. Threw my Chinese pass port to my face when I checked in at counter. An old radical grumpy woman as flight attendance served me a drink by pitching my arm to ask : what do I want and threw me a can of drink on my table without straw. Always refused to choose Qantas but was organised to Qantas by Virgin due to aircraft problem. Horrible experience. Qantas — the spirit of Australia — rasicm? Or white Australia going backwards to 1960. My boyfriend and another Asian man sitting beside him did not get their lunch while other white passengers were served with lunch. When my boyfriend asked the hostess about his lunch, the hostess whitled him to shut up. Animal language is one of the way Qantas served their customer. What a shame to Australia — Qantas should have clear up from the top to the bottom with better education not being stupid with rasicm, rude service.

Feb 05, 2017
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      Apr 24, 2018

    I am sorry to say that I had the same experience with regards to being missed like the passenger above, not on 1 occasion but 3 times. Twice on the same flight and once on a different flight. So this seems to be the common practice of Qantas staff when they take a dislike to a customer for whatever reason, but I am inclined to agree with the above passenger that it points very strongly to be racism as I am a non-white person too. On the first flight I am referring to, everyone around me was served dinner (next to me and the aisle opposite as I had a window seat). In my naivety at the time I put it down to a genuine case of having being accidentally overlooked although logically I could not see how this was possible - hey, but who was I to judge! But I had eaten before boarding the flight so wasn't too bothered about it as I would have declined anyway had I been offered. On the second occasion, breakfast (I was now of course hungry), I was missed again. I buzzed for attention but no one came. After buzzing a few times, I got up and went to the galley to let them know I had been skipped and the reaction was one of surprise. Eventually my meal was brought but I had no choice as there was nothing else left and I had to make do with what was left.

    My next flight happened as recently as February 2018. My niece and I were overlooked but again everyone around us was served, behind us the whole row, in front of us the whole row, opposite to us the whole row and right next to us the other two passengers served from the other aisle. We were seated in the middle section of the plane this time. I am sorry, this time no matter how hard I tried to find one there was no explanation for the possibility that we had been accidentally missed. I vowed then that no matter how much more expensive and alternative airline was or how much longer the journey, I would not travel on Qantas again. If I was not good enough because of my colour, then my money is not good enough to be spent on filling Qantas seats when I am treated like a low grade passenger not deserving of service.
    I suggest that Qantas management look into this serious practice of discrimination from their employees and take the necessary actions to remedy this if they want to keep their customer base.

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