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Purolator / overcharge on invoice

1 Canada

Sophie B
Hello, how may I assist you today? / Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider?
8:15:19 AM
Hello, I just received an invoice and it seems too high. Can you explain why this is higher than from my previous invoice although there was less in the evenvope and the distance was shorter?
8:16:10 AM
Sophie B
Hi Rolf. May I have the 2 invoice number please?
8:16:39 AM
the current invoice is xxx and the previous one was yyy the only difference I see is that the current one has a weight of 1.1 lb
8:17:43 AM
Sophie B
Can you confirm the account name and address please?
8:18:21 AM
Rolf xxxx, SK
8:20:33 AM
Sophie B
When obtaining a rate for an Express Envelope, we are only able to provide with a rate based on 1 pound, however Purolator reserves the right to charge the customer based on the actual weight of the Purolator Express Envelope.
8:21:58 AM
Oh wow, I sent many of these that were much bigger from Regina and this was the first I sent from Winnipeg so was a bit shocked about the price. The person who did it it certainly did not explain that to me and I expected the regular rate.
8:23:08 AM
Sophie B
If the express envelope is more than 1 lb it will be adjust. You can use an express pack.
8:24:04 AM
Seems to be a disadvanatge of having the account when you don't know what you're paying
8:24:14 AM
Sophie B
You can always request an estimate to compare rate if you think it ways more than 1 lb.
8:25:10 AM
I think this was the usual cardboard envelope that she put it in and she did not inform me that there would be a higher cost otherwise I would have removed some pages from the document.
8:25:43 AM
Sophie B
The driver does not have a scale to weight the envelope. This is done at the depot.
8:27:52 AM
It was not picked up by a driver, but processed at a Staples in Winnipeg.
8:28:39 AM
Sophie B
Staples or agent does not have scale eithee.
8:29:20 AM
8:29:25 AM
The lady at the counter completed the sheet that was stuck on the evenelope and handled everything
8:29:33 AM
So if I did not use the account but paid right there with a credit card how would she have determined the cost then?
8:30:37 AM
That's the way I used to do it many times with much bigger packages. Just signed up for account recently and now this.
8:31:14 AM
Sophie B
When a payment by credit card is done, we take a security amount of 30% in case there is a discrepancy.
8:32:31 AM
So it's best to pay cash then I guess good to know for the future though may go with Canada xpresspost instead from now on.
8:34:18 AM
anhyway it's quite the markup for being 0.1 lb over the wight that's about the acuracy of the scale used
8:34:55 AM
Sophie B
We do need to set limit somewhere. The limit is 1 lb.
8:36:08 AM
Is there anything else I can help you with today?
8:40:12 AM
So one lb is $34.45, and the additional 0.1lb is $20.15 don't you think that is a bit of a rip-off in your limits and the customer should be informed ahead of time so he can make an informed decision if he is will and able to pay this?
8:40:31 AM
Sophie B
The shipment will be bill as a customer package if the limit is above 1 lb.
8:41:18 AM
In your rate guide it says "Purolator Express® Envelopes
exceeding 1 lb; Purolator
Express® Packs exceeding 3 lb
and Purolator Express® Boxes
exceeding 7 lb will be rated and
charged based on their actual
8:44:30 AM
so are you saying each increment of 0.1lb will be billed at $20.15?
8:44:57 AM
Sophie B
The shipment will be invoice as a customer packaging for it weight and destination.
8:45:40 AM
That is bizarre as I didn't even package it myself the counter agent did.
Sophie B
The shipment was left at Staples, we weight the envelope at Purolator.
We did train Stales, if they have new employee. They are responsable train them.
8:56:16 AM
Is there anything else I can help you with today?
9:01:00 AM
Thank you for contacting us via Live Chat. Please take a moment to complete our six (6) question survey about your experience with today’s Live Chat at
9:04:21 AM
I don't think you are empowered to adjust the invoice and I will escalate this to a human. Thank you for your customer service.

Nov 8, 2016

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