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It's like delivery by Easter Bunny. I was informed by customer service that if there was no answer at the door the driver would hide the package, I'm assuming for my protection (in a barbecue, under a bush, etc).

There was no correspondence to let me know it had been delivered or where it was left. It was delivered to "somewhere on my property" on October 7, and on November 1 I was still wondering where it was.

When I called, I was given a trace # (4451923) and told someone would contact me by email with the place of the delivery.

The next day I got an email asking me for more information : "May we confirm if any additional unit # or business name would have been required? May we also have a description of the delivery item in the event that this may help our driver recall details at time of delivery?". So ... they're going to have to ask the driver if he remembers the delivery. Not, "ask the driver, who writes these things down in a log", ask him if he remembers.

When I answered the email I got a response saying the person was on holidays, so I had to call Purolator again to ask about it. I was informed it must have been a mistake.

This is possibly the worst delivery system I've ever experienced. We should not be required to play treasure hunt to get out packages.

1. Customers should be informed that a delivery has been made and where it has been put.
2. Drivers should keep a log of where they put packages, so when one is lost we don't have to depend on a vague memory from weeks back.
3. I'm a little concerned that packages may be damaged from being "left under a bush", etc. It's been raining here for the last 3 weeks, are they waterproof? If it's food, would it not be susceptible to vermin?

Nov 02, 2016
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  •   Nov 03, 2016

    Hello Mary-Ann,

    We apologize for this incident. When a package is delivered without a signature, it should be left at the door unless the area is not safe or it is not protected from the elements. I will look for the calls you made and try to identify the agent you spoke to which said that we would hide the package. That is not the procedure.

    Once a package is scanned "delivered", the information is published on and is also available on our mobile app. If the sender entered your email address in our proactive notifications system while creating the label, you can receive an email once the package is delivered.

    Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Purolator Inc.
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