Purolator / delivery delay and ridiculous customer service

Ottawa, ON, Canada

The reason people order things or gets it delivered, is because its inconvenient for them to go and buy and get the things bringing it over. I have had problems with Purolator several times. Thats why I personally never choose them, or will ever choose them in the future. Their customer service is terrible. The recent incident, regarding which I am writing is, I bought a TV from BestBuy and they shipped it through Purolator. It was picked buy Purolator on December 29th, and they said delivery by January 5th. January 4th night the online tracking showed the last update was still December 29th and there was no other information other than saying it will be delivered January 5th. So I called Purolator to inquire about the situation.

Call 1: The customer service agent said if it said delivered by January 5th it will be delivered by Jan 5th, and there will be an update when it reaches Ottawa, and to call back next morning to confirm.

So I called them back January 5th morning

Call 2: Agent said they will open a case to track where the truck is so they can provide me with an update. gave me a case number.

Call 3: Someone called me 3 hours later telling me due to weather conditions there was a delay and the truck didn't even reach Ontario. But he said "It will be delivered tomorrow for sure" but without completing the call the agent hung up.

Call 4: I called back to check on whats happening, I was on hold for 20mins before they terminated the call.

Call 5: I called again, was on hold for 30 mins more. No response.

I tried to reach some on Live chat:

- They said someone will call me back when they have more information.

No one called back. The tracking still showed that it will be delivered Jan 5th. with another update that it reached Toronto.

So I assumed that it will be delivered January 6th.

Call 6: I called them back January 6th morning, the agent said she was sure it will be delivered to me today.

FYI I work full time, so I had to take time off work to stay home to receive the delivery. There was no further update on the website all day.

So kept checking the tracking number to see whether they have any update.

Around 12:41 on January 6th there was an update on the tracking website saying there was an error in the address and to call them. Where I can clearly see the address that was provided was in fact correct.

So I called Purolator they said when they scanned the address their was an error in it. There was NO error. I gave them the address again. They said it will be delivered MONDAY. Thats when I lost it. I had to take two days off from work to make sure I receive the delivery, because I am not physically able to go pick it up from their facility, and there won't be anyone home to receive it on Monday.

I requested them to give me a specific time so that I can make sure to receive it. They kept saying they can't give specific time. They can't deliver it on Saturday. They can't.. they can't...

They should update their tracking system, because only I could accurately track where the shipment is, I wouldn't have to take time off work for unnecessarily. I lost pay for the two days.

Purolator should provide time slot for delivery, because most people tend to be at work on their usual delivery time, and not everyone can afford to stay home.

Every single one of Purolator's agent was rude, and could not give any useful information except for increasing my frustration regarding the issue.

I will personally never chose Purolator in the future.

Jan 06, 2017

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