Public Storagetheft from the inside!

G Nov 17, 2017

I rented a unit from Public Storage on Imperial and Bellflower Blvd. and August 12th move my stuff in locked my unit did not again return for like two weeks later when I got a voicemail on my phone from someone at the public storage telling me that while doing the routine checks they came across my unit and supposedly my lock was not secure and that I needed to come down and secure it when I got down there there lock was on my unit just to supposedly secure it for me I took off their block replaced it back with mine and then left but I know for a fact my lock was locked properly initially the first time to me for some reason that was a cover-up knowing that they had intended on trying to do something. The following week I went to put more items in my unit I got there for some reason my key didn't seem to be working in my lock which was interesting I went over to the office reported it to the manager and employees that were there gentleman walked over to my unit with me helped me try and unlock my unit and was unsuccessful I told him at that time I knew for a fact there was nothing from on the inside blocking the door from being able to open he told me that he needed to call and have the door and latch replaced and to leave him my key for them to be able to get into my unit this was my only key and I left it with him he said he was going to put it in my file in the office about a week and a half later I returned to get a follow up on my unit and to place more items into my unit they had replaced my lock with a public storage lock and handed me two new keys not giving me an explanation on what happened to my lock free of charge they said I went to my unit at 10 a.m. opened up my unit didn't have a problem as I started to clear out some of the stuff from my unit to reorganize it I realized that all three of my TV's were missing in shock I couldn't believe it I walked to the office and reported it to the manager all she did was hand me a pamphlet on my insurance and said I would just call the police department make a police report I did however there were no obvious signs of a breaking and entering but it was a clearly theft nothing else was taken that I could see there was no scraps no bent lock no foul play with the door with the lock with the hinge once again because it had all been replaced. After completing my police report and submitting documentation I contacted the insurance company submitted my claim they came back a week later and told me that they were not going to cover my claim over my losses because they don't cover theft or mysterious disappearances. I am very angry I'm a single mother who is legally blind. And I am on SSDI I have no job unable to drive and I purchase those TVs with my hardworking money when I was able to now they're gone and nobody wants to replace them me personally it's obvious it was an inside job but no one wants to take the blame for it I'm very angry and so I am making my formal complaint to you. I am requesting that something be done about this as soon as possible thank you for a quick response

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